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I grew up with a large library of Arch Books and I think that the simple rhymes and illustrations helped me learn my Bible stories a great deal. I just saw that Concordia Publishing House has some Arch Books online and the e-reader looks great. Check it out here. You can even take a survey and enter to win some free books!


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  1. I remember growing up and that one of the highlights of attending Summer Bible School was the Arch Book we each got at the end. I kept those and now my children have them. I must say that I really like the artwork used in the older (1970’s) editions over that presented in the new, but that may just be my fond reminisces. My two favorites were Zaccheus and the Good Samaritan.

  2. Thanks for posting this. As the dad of three daughters, I know how much slop there currently exists in the marketplace when it comes to this sort of thing. Arch remains a fine standard to carry on (I only wish we could afford them all!).

  3. Steven,
    I totally agree!!! Zaccheus was my favorite too. My son’s favorite, after looking at the “new”…..Zaccheus. We both sat here & sang the song after reading.

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