TLSB Read through the Bible in Two Years, by Norm Fisher

Pastor Henrickson’s post on Reading through the Bible in Two years caused me to realize that since I had a one-year reading plan on one of the sites I manage, it wouldn’t be that difficult to add the TLSB (The Lutheran Study Bible) reading plan as well.

We at BJS  strongly encourage everyone to make 2010  the year you read through  the Bible,  the Book of Concord or both,  on your own or as part of a reading  group at your church. The way the TLSB reading guide is set up it starts January 4th, so it starts tomorrow!

The TLSB plan takes you through the bible in two years, a more manageable plan with less reading than the one-year plan that I’ve had on the site for several years. The TLSB plan starts at Genesis and reads through to Revelation sequentially. The purpose of having the reading plans online is to remind you each day by email or twitter .. it’s just another reminder in your hectic day to set aside time for the Word to impact your life.

From page LIX of TLSB:

A life goal for every mature Christian should be to read the entire Holy Bible. To read The Lutheran Study Bible devotionally, bookmark this page and adopt the steps below.

  1. Recite the “Prayer to Abide by God’s Revealed Will” or another prayer about God’s Word (see the inside front and back covers).
  2. Read the assigned Bible passage in the reading plan below.
  3. Read the Law and Gospel Application Note(s) for the assigned passage
  4. Add your daily prayer concerns, beginning with the brief prayer(s) in the application notes.


  • Supplement your readings with a psalm as described on page 845.
  • Read the Bible passages in conjuction with other devotional resources.
  • Journal your insights and prayer concerns.

Using this devotional plan will guide you through the entire Bible in two years.

The TLSB plan is organized by week then day — week 1, Monday through Saturday. This leaves Sunday for church and catchup. For this on-line system that delivers these readings to your email inbox or by twitter, I’m starting with the first week of 2010 – Jan 4th, 2010 – and will read weeks 1-52 in the even numbered years and weeks 53-104 in the odd numbered years. If you want to start at week 1 at a point other than the calendar year, purchase a copy of The Lutheran Study Bible and use the table starting on page LIX.

To subscribe to either of these plans go to: for the One-Year plan or for the Two-Year plan.

We at BJS would strongly recommend you purchase a copy of The Lutheran Study Bible if you don’t already have one.  Reading the Lutheran-Based Application Notes on each page of the bible will add to your understanding of the passages.

Also available is a daily reading of the Book of Concord available online at This also can deliver links to the readings each Monday through Friday to your email, or to web-enabled phone by Twitter.

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