Making Clear What President Kieschnick Said on His Haiti Video, by Pr. Rossow

We have had a few posts about President Kieschnick’s video about his on-again, off-again trip to Haiti. In a couple of those posts it was asserted that President Kieschnick cancelled his trip when he found out that it was “too dangerous.” President Kieschnick did not say that it was “too dangerous.” What he said was that it was “extremely chaotic” and that he needed to wait until “conditions  somewhat stabilize.”

Too assert that President Kieschnick said it was “too dangerous” is a deduction from the actual terms he used and some of our readers have commented that this was misrepresenting President Kieschnick. This  post is intended to  set the record straight as to exactly what President Kieschnick said. In my estimation “too dangerous” is an acceptable deduction from what President Kieschnick did say  but it is important that we are clear on what is and isn’t an exact  quote.

The nagging issue behind all of this  still remains. Why is it  that  the LCMS does have a team in this chaotic and unstable region and yet President Kieschnick followed  counsel that told him he ought not to  visit. Something just does not add up. Yesterday I pointed out that President Kieschnick’s Blue Ribbon proposals bear an uncanny resemblance to President Obama’s unravelling health care plan. This Haiti confusion reminds me of another political comparison, John Kerry’s famous line “I actually did vote for… [it] before I voted against it,” referring to his position on wartime funding.

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