Ladies Welcome! Planning for Sisters of Katie Luther to Take Place at BJS Conference, by Suzanne Zobel, BJS Associate Director

You’ve been told it’s coming.   The name has been shared (in several forms) by word of mouth, in print, on the website.   Some have expressed interest in joining, in helping to organize members or chapters.   Some have opted for a BJS membership while waiting (I did!).   Well, now is the time for the Sisters of Katie Luther (SKL) to launch!

Since the announcement of the Associate Director position, I have received emails and messages with questions, ideas, volunteers and lots of encouragement and enthusiasm to move SKL from an idea to a reality.   The organizational strategy for starting, growing and maintaining SKL will be developed within the next couple weeks, then reviewed by the Executive Director and others for feedback and refinement.   This strategy will then be introduced at the Annual Conference – and, ladies, you are greatly encouraged to attend.   We will have a special women’s session for this purpose as well as a social evening to learn to know one another better (while enjoying some wine, cheese, chocolate, and ??)

So, ladies, join us for the Brothers of John the Steadfast Annual Conference February 12-13 at Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL to get in on the ground floor and launch of Sisters of Katie Luther.   Conference information and registration is available by clicking on the BJS Conference icon on the right-hand side of the website Home page.   I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

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