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  1. We got more importatn things to worry about than spleeling mistrakes. Let JF’s goofs speke for themselves. We’ve got the Blue Robin Taks Force on Stucture to thimk about, and the election of a Presindent. Let’s forget the misspelling and get on the the really significant issues.

    Johannes, the Kirmujin

  2. And while I’m at it, why is everybody so utterly enamored of Leadership (now there’s a word I’d like to misspell)? It’s like these people are dropouts from some awful ad agency that specializes in MBA schools – boy do we have them in Chicago, “I’ll be the leader” or “”Somebody has to take charge, and that somebody is ME!” Even the emergents have the wisdom to talk about being Christ FOLLOWERS and DISCIPLES rather than “I’m going to lead!” BOY I LOVE CAPS. AND ANOTHER THING…

  3. Jan,

    Right on. If we don’t laugh at something we’ll frown at anything. And, well, the synodocrats on the BRTFSSG give us a whole lot of reason for frowning and head shaking. Then again, maybe, some of them had to go to their emergent mixer so quickly they forgot to activate their spell checkers.

  4. As the chief mis-speller in the blogosphere and the “reigning king of the typos” I should probably just keep my mouf shut on this one.

    I will however, take the time to thank Bubbles for his comment. Your concern about leadership is right on. The Gospel does not call for leadership. (That is the way of the law.) The Gospel is to be preached. President Kieschnick fashions himself a leader and even has a regular glossy insert in the Reporter on “leadership.” We do not need a leader in the presidency of the synod. We need a pastor and a theologian – which is what we get with Matt Harrison.

    And one more thing – Johannes, LOL (!) and thanks for inducting me into the “kirmudjin” club. I am carrying my membership card proudly right behind my BJS membership card.


  5. @Pastor Tim Rossow #11
    You’re welcome, but why behind your BJS card? You ashamed of it or something?

    To all the others–yes I agree, and as most of you are aware, I love a good laugh. If that’s the reason for this thread, then I stand corrected. However, it seemed to me that it was just a bit “picayune” (I hope I spelled it right) to pick on misspelling, when there’s bigger fish to fry. Like water bottles in the pews and important stuff like that.

    What I find interesting is that Jesus First gives us all this verbiage (I hope that’s spelled right) about Gospel, Mission, etc., but they are really about politics, in fact I usually refer to them as PF–Politics First. Has anyone been able to get a financial statement from them? Now that is NOT funny, nor is it misspelled. Go ahead–give it a try.

    Johannes, the wry (rye?)

  6. Johannes,
    You cracked me up again! Pastoral Hatchling, can’t see this article or thread! It is the leverage we use to “motivate” using “behavior modification” for English, proper grammar & spelling…oh no, say it aint’ so! There goes our leverage!

    Fie, fie, the words thou speakest, shant be true, fie, I tell you, fie!

  7. @Bubbles #8

    You wrote, “It’s like these people are dropouts from some awful ad agency that specializes in MBA schools…”

    No, that’s just what they aspire to be.


  8. There are some in the Synod, you know who they are, who have been pushing for a name change. Is this the beginning?

  9. Todd,
    Who would have ever thought, after the $$$$ for marketing/PR agencies & consultants, & the like, they would spew something so….parochial & rather elementary. I mean, as in it’s error. MBA online schools, at the very least, have a person or people, to check this sort of thing. Too bad JF & those who align themselves w/it, haven’t had the forethought to do so.

    If you cannot spell “Missouri”, the chance is rather slim, you would, know anything about the entity or it’s beliefs. Grammar & spelling are rather simple, the theology behind it is not. If you cannot spell it correctly, nor (TAKE THE BEGGERING TIME), to “spell check”, you more than likely, do not value, what it teaches, nor stands for. You take care in things that matter, you do not, when it is not valued by you, nor those you represent.

  10. All sarcasm & joking aside, folks. Has anyone read, the article posted for 1/2010, on the Jesus First website: entitled, “Recognize at the Outset Basic Lutheran Differences About Change”? Verbage & termage, are rather vital, in truly seeing & understanding what is REALLY being stated.

  11. I can see accidentally spelling ‘Missouri’ – ‘Missoura’, because half the state pronounces it that way, but this mistake requires further discussion. Perhaps we should consider Jesus First’s emphasis on the human being and psychology to further analyze this Freudian slip. Notice that instead of accidentally adding any other letter of the alphabet to the word ‘Missouri’ they added an “i”, and to the heart and center of the word none the less. Was this slip of the finger on the keyboard a mere accident or is something far more revealing taking place here? Could the brain have moved the typist to add the ‘I’ as a revelation of what Jesus First is really all about in the Missouri Synod? Has Jesus First unwittingly admitted that they are the organization of “I First”? I contend that they did not try to unconsciously reveal this. But you can decide about Jesus First for your self? 🙂

  12. Just a hint, do we invoke or follow “Robert’s Rules of Order” or maybe, just maybe, as we are dealing within, & with children & Shepherds of Christ…gee, do ya think, maybe we should use our Master’s & Author’s? Robert’s Rules or Christ’s….hmmmmm…tough decision.

  13. After reading the latest Jesus First email, one thing is for sure: These aren’t the rebellious “I-almost-walked-out-but-didn’t” seminarians of the 70’s anymore. They’ve sold out to the man.

    Witness their blind support of the current “leadership,” their parochial focus on the innards of LCMS structure, their pollyannaish institutionalism.

    Their latest email could have been written by an IC company man –perhaps it was.

    What happened to these guys?


  14. @Todd Wilken #21
    You ask, “What happened to these guys?”

    This is the logical consequence of so called “Gospel-centered, Mission-driven, Future-oriented Leadership” that is rooted in politics and self-interest. It ends up as “Law-centered, Power-driven, Me-now-oriented Leadership.” Ends and means are confused, and agendas, hidden or otherwise, are exposed. That’s why I often refer to this organization as “Politics First.”

    I hope that answers your question, Pastor, at least in part… It ought to be a warning sign for those who would use political means to further noble ecclesiastical ends.

    Johannes, the spell-meister

  15. If the task farce goes through, it will be spelled this way….

    The Lutheran Church- Miss-our synod.


  16. John Hooss,

    You got it! Then again, I probably am not old enough to remember the days when the LC-MS truly walked together. It’s time that happens again. Harrison for President!

  17. Todd,
    The gross errors, listed in the articles for January, by JF, do make the odd spelling error…seem rather small. Do they not?

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