Haiti relief updates

If you’re looking for how to help with relief efforts in Haiti, you can do no better than contribute extra funds to the LCMS’ own World Relief and Human Care. There’s a link on the main LCMS.org web site to donate or you can click here to go directly to the place where you enter your credit card number.

The World Relief and Human Care team already has extensive contacts in the area. They’ve put together an interactive map where you can locate various Lutheran congregations, seminary buildings and personnel and get a report on how they are doing. For instance, you can see where the Rev. Marky Kessa, the president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Haiti is and learn that he is okay.

The Synod’s Communications team has already put up two stories about LCMS World Relief and Human Care efforts.


Haiti relief updates — 3 Comments

  1. I think I would include with any donation a note that read something like:

    “Any portion of this gift that is not immediately used for the purpose it is sent is to be invested in such a way that all interest gained from said investment would be returned to LCMS World Relief and Human Care.”


  2. Immediately, we need to send funds to Human Care.

    Thinking further ahead, the seminary and the schools in Haiti always need help and probably have their damage problems now. (I haven’t read the articles above yet.) The Marquart Endowment Fund, in Fort Wayne, helps with the seminary there in memory of his interest in Haiti.

    A Lutheran organization in St Catherines, Ontario supports a school lunch program, which is the only meal many children get. They also send other materials to develop small industry which will support their members. (Interesting note: the 40 foot container which they send is used as office or living space. Nothing is wasted!)

    [EKG, we can only try!]

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