CLCC Introduces a Seminar on Parish Structure, by Kari Anderson

The Confessional Lutherans for Christ’s Commission (CLCC ) has produced a new seminar which is available to download files at . This PDF download is free to anyone. Members can also download the PowerPoint version to use in their congregation. The seminar is:      

Organization Structure of LCMS Churches. This seminar is the first of our Lay Leadership series. It can be used in a seminar setting, self-study, or as a presentation before a conference or similar meeting.  

  • Part 1, Vocation In The Royal Priesthood
  • Part 2, Your Constitution and Bylaws
  • Part 3, The Call Process

As a presentation these three parts will require approximately three and one half hours, including questions and answers. Additional parts will be added in the future, such as financial management, church discipline, etc.

The objective of this seminar is to educate the laity in the fundamentals of their unique LCMS church polity, a topic that has not been widely taught for far too long.

This seminar is available in handout format as a PDF document to anyone requesting it by clicking on the Part numbers listed on the CLCC Website. Members, (individuals or congregations), may also download a PowerPoint version of the seminar from the member’s page.

There is no cost to members for downloading  any part, in either format.

Please visit our web site at . Check out the other seminars we offer. Get in touch with us with any questions. I’ll get it to the person who can answer

Kari Anderson-PR for the CLCC

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