BJS Presence at Ft. Wayne this Week for Symposia, by Pr. Rossow

Both I  and  Associate Director Suzanne Zobel are manning the BJS booth at the Symposia at Ft. Wayne this week. (We will try to  post some pictures later this week.)

We have  seen chapter leaders and pastors from around the country. Pastor Tony Sikora and Dennis Peskey are here from the De Witt, Michigan chapter. Pastor Jon Ellingworth is here from our downstate New York chapter and informed us that his lay chapter leader, Cantor Stephen Johnson is planning on coming to the conference in Naperville next month. We also talked with William Young from Pegram, Tennessee who informed us that there a handful of BJS members in his congregation. Pastor Gary Wright, BJS Steering Committee member and founder of our chapter in the quad cities also stopped in at the booth as did Board of Directors member Pr. Jacob Ehrhard.

That is just a few of the folks we met. We also visited with people from Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts and elsewhere.

BJS was also represented on some of the agendas this week. BJS Quarterly Editor Fritz Baue presented an exegetical paper at the Symposia today and a paper at the Lutheran Concerns Association (LCA) meeting on Monday. Pastor Rossow also served on a panel at the LCA meeting that discussed the concerns about the diminished residency required in our seminary ordination programs. Charlie Henrickson wrote an accurate summary of the presentations at the LCA conference. Click here for his review.

We will be manning our booth for the rest of the week. If you are at the symposia and have not stopped by please check us out. We are giving out free color posters John the Steadfast and Katie Luther.

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