“They Won’t Come in and Change Our Church – that Would Make People Mad” by Pr. Rossow

There was a great comment left on another string. It describes perfectly the challenge in the LCMS today. This comment is by someone who supports traditional, classical music but attends a happy/clappy church. Give a read and ponder this.


I have often thought about how LCMS would proceed with a Confessional pastor as President after years of…er….the ‘other type’ of governing.

Personally, I think it’s possible that the pop-culture-driven Lutheran churches may revolt against going towards a traditional Divine Service. Since much pop music comes out of rebellion, I suggest that those who enjoy it might rebel.

I have asked some leaders at my church how they intend to prepare church members for a more traditional approach should K. and Co. not be re-elected. Responses have been, “Oh, no one is going to come in and change anything, for that would make people mad.” So it comes down again to polling the people for their opinion, and go with that?

Mighty curious to hear more thoughts about this from Confessional pastors. Thank you.

This is a perplexing thing that is going to take time, a long time to solve. Electing Matt Harrison will not solve this problem overnight. I am beginning to believe that Matt Harrison will be elected but only time will tell. If he is, it will be a good thing for addressing this situation but it will take many years of positive promotion of our grandfather’s church before we will see a noticeable difference. We can be patient. First things first. Let’s elect  a good, solid, confessional, churchly man to the office.

Those are my thoughts. As the commenter asked, what are your thoughts?

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