The Brothers of John the Steadfast Add a Twelfth Chapter – Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn, Michigan

We are so pleased to have another chapter joining the Brothers of John the Steadfast. Ron Pierani from Emmanuel, Dearborn, Michigan just e-mailed us this morning to announce that they had eight folks at their first meeting and plan on meeting the second Saturday of each month at 7 AM. The pastors at Emmanuel are Rod Zwonitzer (Sr.) and Joel Baseley (Associate).

In addition to  Michigan we also  have chapters in New York, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, California, across the border  in Canada and other locales around the country.

Chapter structure is very flexible. A chapter can be oriented around  a Confessions Reading group, a Men’s Bible Breakfast, service projects and the like. For more information you can check out our “Organization page” on the website.

Here are a few of the stories on chapter activities:

If you are interested in receiving our free chapter start-up kit e-mail Pastor Rossow at [email protected].

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