The Brothers of John the Steadfast are pleased to announce the hiring of Suzanne Zobel from Clinton Township, Michigan to serve as the Associate Director of the organization. Suzanne will be working full time starting January 1 and focusing on  better service to our members and chapters, growing the organization and starting the new Sisters of Katie Luther organization.

Most importantly Suzanne will help us to get back to our original focus: raising up members/chapters committed to 1) promoting and teaching the Lutheran Confessions, 2) supporting the historic liturgy, 3) funding and developing new Lutheran media and 4) promoting the doctrine of vocation (e.g. men as heads of households and ladies as godly women).

Pastor Rossow will continue on in a volunteer capacity as the Executive Director while Suzanne serves as the Associate Director. Pastor Rossow will also continue as  editor of the BJS website. The website has become synonymous with BJS which is a blessing and a curse. It is a wonderful blessing because it is being viewed by so many as the go-to place for Lutheran news and commentary. It is a bit of a curse because it has distracted us from fulfilling some of our original goals. Bringing Suzanne on board will help us better fulfill our original goals. The website has a certain critical air about it on account of all the shananigans of doctrine and practice going on unchecked in the synod. We are happy to serve in that capacity. However, it is not the heart and soul of what we want to do. We want to be a positive tool for God to use to build up traditional, confessional Lutheransim and that is Suzanne’s passion and will now be her full-time work.

Suzanne is one of those wonderful servants of God who has a conservative mind and a liberal heart.  She is solidly conservative and confessional – very steadfast in her commitment to the purity of the Gospel and the administration of the sacraments according to Christ’s command. But she also has a very generous and loving heart. Christ’s gift to her of faith has made her a woman of trust that puts Christ and his kingdom first and personal needs a distant second.

Speaking of faith, this is a step of faith for BJS. We have had some generous large donations and pledges that have this position funded well into this first year but we will be counting on you to help us take this step of faith. We are convinced that over time you will see that this is a helpful step for promoting confessional Lutheranism and that your donations will be an investment in raising up godly Lutheran men and women for service in the church and the world. To make a donation simply click on the  fundraiser button on the website masthead.  There you can make a donation for BJS and/or a donation for Issues, Etc. Donations to BJS will help us fund this new position while donations to Issues, Etc. are kept in a separate fund and sent in whole to Issues.

We will share more with you about Suzanne, her credentials, and her work, and some new BJS projects in the works  in posts over the next few days. Please pray for the success of this new step of faith for BJS and as you are able, please help us fund this important work of promoting the Lutheran Confessions, supporting the historic liturgy, funding and developing new Lutheran media, and upholding the doctrine of vocation.

About Pastor Tim Rossow

Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow is the Director of Development for Lutherans in Africa. He served Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL as the Sr. Pastor for 22 years (1994-2016) and was Sr. Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn, MI prior to that. He is the founder of Brothers of John the Steadfast but handed off the Sr. Editor position to Rev. Joshua Scheer in 2015. He currently resides in Ocean Shores WA with his wife Phyllis. He regularly teaches in Africa. He also paints watercolors, reads philosophy and golfs. He is currently represented in two art galleries in the Pacific Northwest. His M Div is from Concordia, St. Louis and he has an MA in philosophy from St. Louis University and a D Min from Concordia, Fort Wayne.



  1. I have know Suzanne’s family for over 15 years and Suzanne for the last 5-6 years. We had a day long meeting this past week in Detroit and I was amazed at the talents with which God has blessed her. I am elated that these talents will be used to help BJS accomplish its purposes. I cannot wait for you all to get to know her. She is a real woman of faith and will be a great blessing to the Brothers and Sisters.


  2. To our newly appointed associate director, Suzanne – Congradulations and Blessings.

    To our current executive director, Pr. Rossow – Since our newly appointed associate director correctly instructed me during our last confessional study of the name change from Sisters of Katy von Bora to Sisters of Katie Luther, perhaps we should effect the change in the “Organization” section of the BJS masthead.

  3. How will this change, affect the website? I took a call or two today about the last two articles. I want to make sure, if the format here is changing, to have others hold off on reading or getting used to BJS as is.
    Suzanne, my most heartfelt congrats to you! You must be quite a lady!!!!

  4. Jen and Dutch (and others) — You may send an email to Suzanne at this location.

    Dutch — the website will not change for a month or two, but the blog will remain very similar to how it is now. I would imagine that we will have separate sections for the Brothers and Sisters groups, but they probably won’t be blogs but resource pages. It would be too confusing to attempt to have three full discussion blogs on this site.

  5. Dutch,

    As Norm pointed out, this site will not change. We are thinking of adding a new homepage for the organization that would connect to these blogs but the plan is to leave this exactly as it is. This would be known as the blogs of BJS and SKL or something like that. The BJS newsreel blog would be managed by Suzanne and would probably be prominent on the new organization homepage and would be duplicated here on this site.

    We will be working these things out now that we have Suzanne on board but as I said above, we want to keep this part of BJS exactly as it is.


  6. “Brothers”…”sisters”… How about Grandfathers (and Grandmothers)? I mean, it ain’t our church anymore, from what I’ve heard, so where are we to go?
    Ancestors of Dutch the faithful?
    Grandfathers of Scott the Erudite?
    Grandmothers of Helen the Knowledgeable?
    Great-uncles of Dan the Rough?
    Great-aunts of Eric the Eldonist?
    Ancients of Tim the Blogmeister?
    Fathers of Johannes the Curmudgeonly?
    Mothers of Norm the Obliging?
    Second-cousins-twice-removed of Carl the Very-well-informed?


    All kidding aside, heartfeltly welcome to Suzanne. Nice to have another on the dark side, as Pastor Rossow calls it.

    j the curmudgeonly

  7. Johannes,
    That is my goal, before I get home, I so do wish I could see “faithfull” connect w/my name, that I hope to hear back at Home!!!!
    Just cking to see if we are going to have guys & gals sites.
    BTW, you are so not a “j the curmudgeonly”. I know quite a few, & you don’t fit the bill, at least not yet anyway. That….is a rather good thing!!!!

  8. Thanks for all the warm and kind words of welcome! I’m excited to have this opportunity and very excited about the future for BJS and SKL. I know many of you who are involved already and look forward to getting to know all our members (present and future)! I’ll keep this short for now, as you will be hearing much more from me as we launch this new position. I ask that you keep me, Rev. Rossow, all our wonderful volunteers, members and the entire BJS work in your prayers!

    May God bless the New Year for all!

  9. A friend and I were just talking about how BJS seemed to have fizzled out to a website with little sign of anything with it’s greater goal. Good to hear that this has not been forgotten!

    God’s blessings on Suzanne’s work!

  10. This is good news. I’ve been trying to set up meetings with various “Lutheran media” workers to start talking about where to go from here. It seems like all of us, whether podcasters, radio shows, or bloggers, have reached a certain point of craft where we need to start looking to larger projects utilizing what we have.

    I’d like to get in touch with Suzanne as soon as possible. Both starting up chapters and creating more media will be of utmost importance. Down here in Florida we’ve been researching a lot of what it takes to do production work, and do it cheaply without sacrificing quality.

    I’ll use the link provided above.

  11. Matthew,

    Sounds like you have some good ideas percolating. We would love to hear them and see if we can help bring things together. Just use Susan’s BJS e-mail address from the “contact us” list.


  12. How long before we get an overview of Sisters of Katie Luther? There are some fantastic ladies who post on this site (LCCM & Helen, Happy New Year ladies!) very sharp, intellegent & most witty, indeed!!! I do look forward to Suzanne starting up!

  13. Dutch,

    Sisters of Katie Luther (SKL) is one of our priorities. We should have some things to report by the conference in February. Suzanne is putting together a plan for what the group would look like.


  14. Happy New Year Pastor Rossow!!!!

    So, in theory, girlies are encourged & welcomed at the conference in February? I have to be honest, I’m getting a might size nervous about attending at this point. Yes, we did find a sitter, considering the going rate for said rent-a-teen, we kind of need to know, in a truthfull & honest sort of way. Hubby is a bit nervous, as I am rather “vocal”. Thankfully, I have been blest with a better half that actually thinks about this kind of stuff, as I don’t until afterwards.
    Thanks for the leeway, hubby had major surgery this week, & well, helpmeet’s do what they do, & then some, when that happens, what a blessing it is, to be able to do such!!!!He has actually been reading the BJS archives, since his surgery, & he had no clue his wife “knew” that much, LOL!!! (although, I wish I was better spoken than I am, using less verbage”.
    Just, for we girlie’s sakes, is this an even we “are not just welcomed, but encouraged” to attend? It is rather, uncomfortable, for girlies, to be allowed vs. welcomed. There is a rather large difference betwixt the two. I will act, upon your lead Pastor Rossow. I know others, have the same said concerns.

  15. Dutch,

    It really is open to both men and women. I just checked the registrations for last year and we had ten women come and will probably have even more this year. Everyone attends all the sessions but with Suzanne on board now we are planning on her leading a brief session for the women, discussing the plans for the SKL and other topics of interest.


  16. I just don’t want to overstep bounds, being a “guy’s gal” does have it’s drawbacks. I know LCCM, mentioned an event, I just want to put my toe in the water over this. It is like a woman showing up overdressed or underdressed for an event. Making others, let alone ourselves, uncomfortable, shall we say, is easily avoided, with a bit of info.
    Just asking.

  17. TR,

    Do you have a divine mandate to “educate” the synod and tell pastors how to worship in the congregations to which you are NOT CALLED? Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t your call only to Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL and no other congregation? What gives you the right to undermine the responsibility which God has given other called pastors in the LCMS?

  18. Mark,

    Our comments passed in the night of internet. Thank you for your helpful explanation. For you this is a matter of rights. As has been pointed out ad nauseum on this site this is not about rights. The Scriptures and the Confessions make it clear that worship is not about exerting our rights.

    Also, I would challenge you to find the notion of “rights” in the Scriptures. As I recall it may show up here and there but never in any substantive way. The way of Christ is not a legalistic way of demanding ones rights but the way of humble service to one another.

    Besides, who said anything about foisting my personal views on anyone else? That was your idea. What I suggested we do is make a list of examples of “contemporary” worship and describe how they work against traditional, liturgical worship.


  19. TR,

    You’re an organization with a mission – to educate the synod about the right way to do things (my own words based on what I’ve seen and read). Organizations exert rights. I am not. I simply asked you about your call. But your skirted the question. To whom are you called? Does your activity in this organization redefine (or even contradict) your call?

  20. @mark #23

    We all have more than one calling or vocation in life. Pastor Rossow is called to serve the folks at Bethany Lutheran Church as their pastor, but that does not preclude him from having other vocations. All christians have the vocation of calling their brothers and sisters to repentance when they have gone astray. If you are not Pastor Rossow’s pastor you are serving in one of you other vocations as you call Pastor Rossow to repentance. How is Pastor Rossow undermining any other pastor’s responsibilities as pastor? He is offering them godly warning and counsel. If you have a reason from Holy Scripture why Pastor Rossow cannot perform this vocation please give it more plainly.

  21. Mark,
    I have to say, I am most prayerfully grateful & thankful for BJS. What this site discusses & exposes, made it understandable (not easier or less painful, mind you, but understandable) why the LCMS churches in my district, morphed into something I didn’t recognize. I pray, someday, the shattered trust & grief for what I once knew & depended upon, will be a distant memory. For now, BJS is a safe place, where what my parents were taught, & what I was taught, can still be found. It offers people like me, a place to give voice, to what pains & questions I/we have, I have none in our District, nor in Convention, I am not a Synod member, Jane or Joe Members, are not. If I hunger or thirst, for what I was taught, where do I go? I must now come here, to this site.
    You are assuming so much, with Pastor Rossow, that is so very wrong indeed. My family owes quite a bit to BJS, it made our most painful of moments, bearable. You misjudge him Mark, and the reason this site exists, and those, it gives aid & instruction to. I have spoken to Pastor Rossow, and I am most thankful for that call. He knows that ( I hope), I wish you knew or understood why. But then again, I am most thankful you do not.
    I pray, you do try to, not judge BJS by, we mere ameobic members, who post comments.

  22. Hey Dutch,

    This year, BJS will have a woman speaker–Mollie Hemingway-Ziegler.
    So, yes, women are definitely welcome to attend!
    Only difference is, women will not be preaching during the divine service–which is more than we can say for the E*CA.
    Yes, there were a few wives I noticed that attended last year. And some even brought their children.
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  23. Bringing kids? Oooo, tough decision. Bring to be pastoral hatchling, & not bring other brother, me thinks it best not. Besides, my sons would be, shocked, at their Mummy. “She knows that stuff, she talks with Pastors, & other people?”

    Best I think, to leave my heir & spare behind. But thanks for the heads up with the estrogene presence. Makes me feel loads better.

    Thanks Heartbroken, (hopefully, not down trodden!)
    Your sister,

  24. Helen,
    If you are at the BJS event in Feb, you will see in LOUD action( hubby has on & off, no in between), the reason I could never, nor would hide my heir & spare, under a bushel! It is in the genes, Helen, it would never work!
    They are bold, brave, & vocal, with their little friends, where they get it, I have no clue. Really, I have worked with kids for decades, & have never seen boys so bold & vocal in their Faith.
    The oldest I would venture to bring, but the little one, he isn’t as driven, but deserves same focus. His heart, is more David-like than the Pastoral hatchling. Huge, from a petite thing as he is!!!
    Quite the parental dilema, yes?

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