A Guessing Game – Which Church is President Kieschnick Referring to in His Soon to be Published Book? by Pr. Rossow

Click here and you can see that President Kieschnick is about to publish a new book. It has an interesting title:  Waking the Sleeping Giant: The Birth, Growth, Decline, and Rebirth of an American Church. For Pastor Weedon’s take on this click here.

It makes one wonder what American church he could possibly be referring to since the statistics of the LCMS during his administration are so dismal. As Mollie reported last week, in the last ten years or so the membership of the synod has fallen by 7%, adult confirmations have fallen by 53%, missionaries in the field have been cut back by 57% and the synod has grown an eighteen million dollar deficit.

In light of all of this I suggest we try to guess which American church President Kieschnick is writing about. Is it the WELS? ULMA (which has more than doubled its number of congregations since its inception)? Or maybe it is some non-Lutheran church growth denomination the principles of which  President Kieschnick and his men have been promoting  for the last ten years? I would love to hear your theories…

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