Something doesn’t add up here, part 87

Remember last year when David Strand fired Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz and canceled Issues, Etc. without explanation? When people expressed outrage that the Synod’s only nationally syndicated program had been canned, Strand said — amazingly — that the show had been canceled due to the low number of listeners to the program. Well, not that anyone believed him at the time, but check out these statistics below. Why, again, did Kieschnick’s team at Synod, Inc. get rid of Issues, Etc.?

A Comparison of Unique and Total Website Visitors
Issues, Etc. vs. KFUO AM & FM

Comparision of Issues Etc v.s. KFUO Website Visits

(click on the graph for the original PDF)

Unique Visitors only counts a person once no matter how many times they visit a site in a given month. Unique Visitors are typically used to determine how popular a site is.

Visits are initiated when a user enters a site during an internet session. Visits are considered live until the user’s interaction within the entire internet session has ceased for a 30-minute period. Visits are unique to a session.

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