Play Depicting Gays as Victims Staged at Concordia-Chicago, by Pr. Rossow

Columnist Robert Knight has outed Concordia-Chicago’s recent act of “academic freedom,” a staging of The Laramie Project which is a play that according to him depicts gays as victims. We here at BJS don’t buy the academic freedom argument  Concordia President John Johnson used to defend his professors who signed the Bill Ayers petition and we don’t buy it here either. Lutherans are not free. We are slaves of Christ! (Romans 6:15-22) Will President Kieschnick act on the mandate we have given the synodical handbook (see section XI. B. 1., p. 15) and exercise supervision to halt this production?  If his past record is any indication he will not. We asked him to intervene in the Ayers situation and he did not. We asked him to intervene in the gay activist music director situation and he claimed helplessness. He is apparently too busy restructuring the synod so that his office can have more power and control and does not have time to fulfill the first duty we have given to him.

Here is the most instructive quote from the Knight article:

Some church-related entities don’t wait for the government to bully them before ceding moral ground. At Concordia University Chicago, a campus of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, which is staunchly Biblical regarding homosexuality, the theater department is showing The Laramie Project, a play about the town of Laramie, Wyoming’s reaction to the murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998. Based on a book by Moises Kaufman, the play fits the narrative of “gays as victims,” which has been their most effective strategy other than the unsubstantiated claim that people are “born gay.”

The play was hatched by the Tectonic Theatre Project, whose managing director, Jeffrey LaHost, claimed that conservative Christians are a hate group and want to murder homosexuals.

At least Mr. Knight still acknowledges us as a staunchly Biblical denomination. If we keep spending time on Blue Ribbon panels to increase synodical power and more time peddling church growth methods that are based on pandering to the culture, Mr. Knight and others may not be able to assert that much longer and it won’t be a shock at all that our Concordias are putting on plays and signing petitions that perpetuate humanism and immorality of the culture.

To read the entire article by Knight click here. (We thank one of our readers for calling this to our attention.)

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