More Good Stuff Found by Norm – Meet Matt Harrison the Person: Interview on God Whisperers

We found the following on the God Whisperers site: Episode 72: Matthew Harrison. The interview was done after Rev. Harrison’s presentation to the Southern Orange County Outreach (SOCO)  luncheon, a confessional group in San Juan Capistrano, California. SOCO also doubles as a BJS chapter. The interview reveals some interesting details about Harrison’s hobbies and his translating work and reveals to the synod a great churchman who would make a great and faithful synodical president.


365EE17F33DAF7E42Recorded live from the SOCO luncheon in Newport Beach, a special 3rd microphone edition of The God Whisperers featuring Rev. Matthew Harrison, executive director of LCMS World Relief & Human Care and author of the recently released book At Home in the House of My Fathers. We’re talking banjo, guitar, woodworking, the state of Lutheranism, Lutheran history, works of mercy, and whatever else is on Harrison’s mind. Have a listen.

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