Citizen’s Petition Filed on KFUO Situation – Has There Ever Been a More Troubled LCMS Administration?

We thank one of our readers (LCMS Christian Classical Musician) for alerting us to the citizens petition that has now been filed to stop the sale of KFUO – FM. (To view the petition click here.) Those of you following this story on this site know that the sale is hotly debated even among our readers. Pastor Wilken has had the best view of the situation for the last several years and supports the sale of the signal but he also admits that the LCMS Board of Directors has acted in a much too secretive way.

Controversy follows President Kieschnick and his leadership has brought much distraction to the work of the synod to maintain the purity of the Gospel and to get that Gospel out to the ends of the earth. The list of controversies is long: granting District President Behnke permission to participate in a unionistic service at Yankee stadium, a drastically shrinking corp of  missionaries in the field, the firing of Todd Wilken and Jeff Scwharz,  an Ablaze fundraiser that has not returned much for the investment, being sued for granting too many electoral circuit exceptions, etc.

The list  goes on and on, and now the arts community of St. Louis is filing a petition against the sale of KFUO FM with the discussion focussing on secretive, closed door sessions at the LCMS Board of Directors Meetings of which President Kieschnick is a member.

I do not remember this amount of controversy and scandal while President Bohlman served as President of Synod or likewise when Dr. Barry served in the office. This relentless controversy is tiring and distracts the synod from its work.

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