We Need More Cowboys and Fewer Bureaucrats in the LCMS – BJS Member Shares his Wyoming Perspective on the Concordia-Chicago Play

Editor’s Note: I was pleased this Thanksgiving morning to see one of my parish members, Tye Fox,  chime in on the “Laramie Project” controversey at Concordia-Chicago. Tye is a member of our BJS chapter at church and even hosted our BJS NCAA basketball bash in his home last Spring. Tye was well catechized by Pastor Marcus Zill at the campus church in Laramie and he grew up helping his father who is a real live Wyoming cowboy so he knows a thing or two about Lutheran theology and  the cowboy culture. Tye is a high school Spanish teacher in the Chicago suburbs. His comment deserves a wider publication and so we have dropped it onto the homepage here. His last line demonstrates how  common sense  cowboy wisdom can see things so clearly and simply.

Tye Fox – November 26th, 2009 at 11:22 | #70

While I have not read the entire string of commentary, I would like to post my perspective on the whole Laramie Project issue. I am a Wyoming native, and was attending college at the time of the Matthew Shepard incident. While no person deserves to be treated as he was, please do not be deceived by what the play or the media would have you believe. Matthew Shepard was not murdered for merely being gay. There were a lot of underhanded dealings that contributed to his death. He was not the victim of a hate crime based on sexual preference, but rather the tragic victim of drug abuse and debauchery. The two criminals who murdered Matthew were not even from Wyoming, and were of questionable character themselves. His case was one that the liberal media spun to champion their cause of gay rights.

It is unfortunate that Concordia chose to produce a play which was spawned from a tragic murder that had little or nothing do do with the victims sexual preference. I would hope in the future that our  universities would be more diligent in choosing plays that are consistent with scripture and glorify God, not the sinfulness of man.

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