Survey says?

Concordia University – Wisconsin recently released some results from a survey it’s been working on for several years. The first installments include a look at the political attitudes of LCMS and ELCA clergy and laity. Some really interesting results. Here’s a sample from the ELCA results:

Conservative or Liberal?
In 2006 there was a significant gap between political attitudes of ELCA clergy and laity. Among laity, political attitudes were roughly evenly-split between political liberals and conservatives, with nearly half of all respondents self-identifying as “moderate,” “somewhat liberal,” or “somewhat conservative.” ELCA clergy were predominantly liberal, with not a single respondent in 2006 self-identifying as “extremely conservative.” By 2009, attitudes among ELCA clergy shifted further to the political left: Fewer self-identified as moderates, while an additional 6% self-identified as “liberal” or “extremely liberal.

And here’s some from the LCMS:

Conservative or Liberal?
Unlike the ELCA, there is almost no gap between clergy and laity political self-identification. 77% of LCMS laity in 2006 self-identified as “conservative,” while 80% of LCMS clergy did so in 2009. A majority in both categories self-identify as “conservative,” as opposed to “strongly conservative” or “somewhat conservative.”

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