Rome has Set Up a Structure to Accept Anglicans Opposed to Gay Bishops. Is Lutheran Realignment Far Behind?

Recent decisions by various church bodies to allow homosexual clergy are  threatening the arrangement of  denominational lines of demarcation in the Christian church. It is our hope here at the Brothers of John the Steadfast that fresh blood in the LCMS, like Matt Harrison, would bring more unity to our denomination but short of that, actions as described in the following AP story may be sounding the alarm of realignment among Lutherans along lines of the aforementioned homosexual issue, worship preference, confessional subscription the meaning of “practice” and other criteria.

VATICAN CITY (AP) – The Vatican has made it easier for Anglicans to join the Catholic Church, responding to the disillusionment of some Anglicans over the election of openly gay bishops and the blessing of same-sex unions.

Pope Benedict XVI approved a new church provision that will allow Anglicans to convert while maintaining many of their distinctive spiritual and liturgical traditions, Cardinal William Levada, the Vatican’s chief doctrinal official, told a news conference Tuesday.

In the past, such exemptions had only been granted in a few cases in certain countries. The new church provision is designed to allow Anglicans around the world to access a new church structure if they want to convert.

The decision immediately raised questions about how the new provision would be received within the 77-million strong Anglican Communion, the global Anglican church, which has been on the verge of a schism over divisions within its membership about women bishops, gay bishops and gay unions.

The new Catholic church structures, called Personal Ordinariates, will be units of faithful established within local Catholic Churches, headed by former Anglican prelates who will provide spiritual care for Anglicans who wish to be Catholic.

They would most closely resemble Catholic military ordinariates, special units of the church established in most countries to provide spiritual care for the members of the armed forces and their dependents.

“Those Anglicans who have approached the Holy See have made clear their desire for full, visible unity in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church,” Levada said. “At the same time, they have told us of the importance of their Anglican traditions of spirituality and worship for their faith journey.”

The new canonical structure is a response to the many requests that have come to the Vatican over the years from Anglicans who have become increasingly disillusioned with the progressive bent of the Anglican Communion. Many have already left and consider themselves Catholic but have not found an official home in the Catholic Church.

The divisions in the Anglican Communion have prompted its spiritual head, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, to suggest that in order to avoid a schism, the Anglican Communion may have to accept a “two-track” system in which churches can hold different opinions about gay clergy and same-sex unions.

Levada declined to give figures on the number of requests that have come to the Vatican, or on the anticipated number of Anglicans who might take advantage of the new structure.

The new canonical provision allows married Anglican priests and even seminarians to become ordained Catholic priests – much the same way that Eastern rite priests who are in communion with Rome are allowed to be married. However, married Anglicans couldn’t become Catholic bishops.

The Vatican announcement immediately raised questions about how the Vatican’s long-standing dialogue with the Archbishop of Canterbury could continue. Noticeably, no one from the Vatican’s ecumenical office on relations with Anglicans attended the news conference; Levada said he had invited representatives to attend but they said they were all away from Rome.

However, the Vatican’s archbishop of Westminster and Williams issued a joint statement saying the decision “brings an end to a period of uncertainty” for Anglicans wishing to join the Catholic Church. The statement said the decision in fact could not have happened had there not been such fruitful dialogue between the two.

“The ongoing official dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion provides the basis for our continuing cooperation,” the joint statement said.

Nevertheless, Williams’ representative in Rome, the Very Rev. David Richardson, said the Vatican’s decision was “surprising,” given that the Catholic Church in the past had welcomed individual Anglicans in without creating what he called “parallel structures” for entire groups of Anglicans.

“The two questions I would want to ask are ‘why this and why now,”‘ he told The Associated Press. “Why the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has decided to embrace that particular method remains unclear to me.”

Also unclear, he said, was the Vatican’s target audience: those Anglicans who have already left the Anglican Communion, or current members. Levada said it covered both, and the documentation explaining the new structure speaks of both Anglicans and “former Anglicans.”

“If it’s for former Anglicans, then it’s not about our present difficulties, then it’s people who have already left,” Richardson said. If it’s current Anglicans, “There is in my mind an uncertainty for whom it is intended.”

The announcement was kept under wraps until the last moment: The Vatican only announced Levada’s briefing Monday night, and Levada only flew back to Rome after finalizing the details at midnight.

About Pastor Tim Rossow

Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow is the Director of Development for Lutherans in Africa. He served Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL as the Sr. Pastor for 22 years (1994-2016) and was Sr. Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn, MI prior to that. He is the founder of Brothers of John the Steadfast but handed off the Sr. Editor position to Rev. Joshua Scheer in 2015. He currently resides in Ocean Shores WA with his wife Phyllis. He regularly teaches in Africa. He also paints watercolors, reads philosophy and golfs. He is currently represented in two art galleries in the Pacific Northwest. His M Div is from Concordia, St. Louis and he has an MA in philosophy from St. Louis University and a D Min from Concordia, Fort Wayne.


Rome has Set Up a Structure to Accept Anglicans Opposed to Gay Bishops. Is Lutheran Realignment Far Behind? — 36 Comments

  1. OOOOOOO. I read this last night in the Daily Mail & London Times online (read twice a day every day, reccomend to all) I was wondering if this would get a mention here at my favorite site!!!!! The vatican did comment on the ELCA decision as well, when that thing passed. More detailed articles & comment can be found for this ground breaking decision at (remember the UK is 7 hours ahead, you will read it before you see it here in the States):

    (London Times-very liberal, it is a Labour paper, also, for grins, check out the comment/Faith section, good vibe for the Faith standing in the EU, just make sure you read the comment section, & have Pepcid at hand.)

    (not liberal, rather a Tory paper, the Drudge Report has a link for them, I read it to get more unbiased news from here & abroad. Also, in matters regarding the Faith or Christ, make sure to read the comment section & have Pepcid at hand. What others think of Christ & His children & His church is interesting at best, VILE at worst. My personal reccom. for news both here & abroad.)

    The Times said, this new pope, is keen on Christian unity (Catholic/Apostalic Unity) within the church on earth. I pray someone else, sees the paralells of this false doctrine, false Christ, and false unity within His Church on earth, besides just me & my better half. I have been watching & listening to this since 2004 overseas, how very ironic, same heresy, in every denomination on earth. The Archbishop of Canterbury (head of the C.O.E), makes PK look like a theological Einstein, can you imagine that?! My question: how long will it take, after we seen the results from this “Papal decree, (offer of the open door policy)”, will it be before the same is offered to those in the ELCA? I know 3 families who left ELCA for Rome, should be very interesting to watch how this works. Synod is beginning (?) to resemble Rome, how easy will it be, down the wide & now well traveled road, for them to accept the same at a later date? I hear someone crying peace & safety (safety in numbers…ug).

  2. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
    Back up the truck here. I just re-read the paragraph preceeding the AP article reprint. This decision by the vatican is NOT simply over same sex issues, folks !!!, and should NOT be misquoted w/ the same sex issue at the forefront, nor Pastor Harrison’s bid for President! I read these foreign papers every day, & have for years!!!!!, & this same sex issue, is just a small part, of this offer made by the pope. This has more to do with women in the high places & pc unification & recognition & acknowledgement of other faiths (Islam, Hindu, Buddist, Tao etc), than it does with same sex issues. A word to the wise here at BJS….. don’t reprint an article, about EU or foreign issues (this deals only with the Angelican Church, the Church of England, not primarily the Episcopal church, ELCA has no mention in this at this time, know your facts, the AP is not the end all beat all, go to the original source!!!!!) You would be better served, following those links, back to the original sources. Mr. Fischer, I highly reccomend you review the articles on the Times UK, the Telegraph, and the Daily Mail, and then re-read the intro to this article. The Archbishop of Canterbury, has also called for the church in UK (Church of England) to recognize Sharia law, comments on government all the time at nauseaum, & also other issues, w/o reminding himself of his own Church’s foundations, and is rather ill thought of over in the UK, even by his own contemporaries!! Even by his own Archbishops!!! See the Archbishop of York. I respect you all more than I can say, but know everything about what your write, before you attach commentary, before or after, NO SPIN ZONE FOLKS, it hurts our cause when you don’t really know all the facts & that is years in the making in this issue here!!!! That paragraph needs to amendded asap!!!!!!!! We must do our homework, researching all sides & the history behind them, before we condone or condemn any item or decision made, especially, outside our own denomination, let ALONE OUR OWN COUNTRY, SOME HERE MAY KNOW MORE THAN THOSE WHO POST OR WRITE ARTICLES!!!!! Pastor Harrison deserves better than this, fix it right quick….after you check the foreign links provided & commentary made overseas!!!! I for one, I don’t believe am alone, do, I do daily, & I hate the error in this, we here at BJS are so much better than this!!! WE MUST STAY ABOVE THE BOARD, IF WE HOPE TO ATTAIN & PRESERVE THAT WHICH IS TRUE AND THIS IS NOT.
    This has always been a “no spin zone” for Lutherans, don’t make an ill thoughts, agendas, nor rash mistakes now, people are watching….I know this, watch it twice daily, we have friends & family in there & over there, folks, if you want to be taken seriously, without gossip or agenda DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST, SOME WHO POST HERE DO.

  3. in order to avoid a schism, the Anglican Communion may have to accept a “two-track” system in which churches can hold different opinions

    Hold on… “in order to avoid a schism”, they must declare that they have a schism? Or would that just be institutionalized heterodoxy? (Personally, I think that would be even worse, albeit consistent with postmodernism…)

  4. Dutch has made a good point. I followed hier first link and sure enough this issue is not about homosexuality but is more about women bishops.

    My guess is that the AP feels that they can make more waves in American culture over the homosexual issue, given the current political climate and given the fact that American culture has for the most part accepted woman pastors.

    Thanks for clarifying that Dutch. I am going to let my editorial introduction to this post stand because I still think that the point is valid. The point being that Christian institutions are in a lot of flux these days. The LCMS is not immune to this. Under President Kieschnick we are less united than before. Some new blood (and I happen to think that Matt Harrison is some good blood) would be good for bringing unity to the synod.


  5. Pastor Rossow, I whole heartedly agree with you. We do live in dark & fluxing (and vexing) times do we not? But our Lord will preserve His own, in spite & despite decision made by men. I pray all who read this, look past what lies in our own denom, here in the US, and maybe read about what our brothers and sisters have to live under “hopping the pond”. What days we live in, hey?!

  6. Mr Vehse, ooooo, are you cheeky! Waterwings, LOL, big smiles, funny mental picture) Elca, maybe, LCMS, God forbid!

  7. Well, we have Obama as either the false prophet or the Anti-Christ and the pope playing his role very well. I am not kidding. Does anyone see the world crashing down around us as they mold a god into their own making?

  8. I had heard that the Catholic Catechism now teaches that people of other Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Judaism) can attain salvation. Is that true? If it is I don’t see how the Roman Catholic church can be a destination for Lutherans. This all relates to the disagreement on the nature of the article “on which the church stands or falls.”

  9. “So now, who’s going to watch for any LCMS members tiptoeing into the Tiber while wearing their waterwings?”

    Elca, maybe, LCMS, God forbid!

    …it happens!

  10. Blessing Mr Vehse, how far have the mighty fallen, that yes, what you say is true. Yes, it does happen, but truly sad & remiss in our duty that the LCMS departed should consider doing so. It happens, but should never have been a thought, let alone an active choice.

  11. Gayle, your not the only one, but I don’t think Obama has it in him. But…I would wager, there isn’t a Pastor who writes for or posts at BJS that doesn’t see what you & I are seeing occur before our own eyes. Scriptures make very plain what we are to watch for, & what we are to do when we see them occur. We lift our eyes, as our Redemption draweth nigh! These things, should serve as the pilot light under our posteriors, to remain above the board, give account to where our Hope comes from, and keep watch & make sure He doesn’t find us sleeping. We fight the good fight, we run our race, & place all hope & cares on Him. The world & those who belong to it, never got it, & never will. Those who dwell in Christ always have & will, no matter what the world cries for or about. I’m so thankfull BJS discussed this & is beginning to look at these items. Bears quite a bit of pondering….

  12. I have to add my only 2 cents…have been thinking like both you Dutch and Gayle and while dicussing this with others and I mean many OTHERS. When such subjects are coming up more and more I do not hold back. They want the truth they will get it . And if there is more fuel they need it needs to be added a few more logs are thrown in. There are so many that are thankful that BJS is here, so they can read and get many facts . What I really like and love the way Pr. Rossow is so Christian in so much of the commenting and seems so calm. Wish I could be more that way!

  13. Big hugs to you “sumbody”!!!
    Been there, am there, & will be again I wager. It sometimes seems rather a vacuum, (sorry 4 spelling dog sitting on lap) in this area & subject. Others, know something is up, who know Christ not, but, He knows them anyway, not all are called, but all are offered Grace. I think I know what you are saying, forgive me if I don’t.

    We, pew sitters, hear it all the time, & if we are vocal, & obey in giving account, & don’t really, know, what is to be said to others who don’t….what do we SAY?! I have a great piece of loving advice…just for you. There is sooo much, in the realm in which we dwell, that we cannot explain let alone understand, LET ALONE VERBALIZE. The world knows something is up & rotten in Denmark. But that is where the world stops, it wants to blame, not explain. We do know.. what the world does not, but..we know all the same. We have Grace, His Grace & His Word…we are the simple in a learned world. I may not know, why, how, who, or why not or why me, I, you, us, or them….but I can give account to WHAT I DO KNOW, DO UNDERSTAND, DO TRUST, AND DO BELIEVE. And that, my dear & sweet one, is what you say & show in His Word, you give account to where & to Whom your Hope comes from. John, the Romans Road, or Isaiah, depending on the ground the other stands upon, you let your Lord walk before you, our speech always follows His lead. We walk by Faith, not by sight, & that is so much more than meets the human eye or understanding. You can read, write, & understand what His Word says, you read what your denomination’s foundations teach. Speak in love always, with the best care & concern for the other first, using His Word & our Foundations, and you leave the rest to your Lord. He is aware & knows where you are & who you are with & what you are in, every second you breath air, let alone what He knows you need! Trust Him, our Lord, and then, submit & obey what He says…& watch what blessings He bestows on those you give care for…yes, no, maybe….and silence are answers love, He hears & knows all. Run, take it all & run…you care & that speaks volumes….go for it!

  14. Also…let’s keep the whole ‘Obama is the false prophet’ rhetoric to a minimum, unless we’re willing to also say that if you rearrange the letters in his name and give them a Hebraic numerical value, you come up with…well, you know what I mean.

    Kingdom is as kingdom does, and the fact that amateur hour has taken center-stage in the White House shouldn’t have us quaking in dispensensational boots that we don’t even own. 🙂

  15. Wylder…,
    I didn’t get the anti christ, millenial Obama thing from what Gayle said. This is about Scripture, & the signs of the times & what to speak to others of, or so I took from what was said above. The current government, in Washington or St Louis, has always & is now, a flash in the pan. I just had a different take on what was said than you. Totally don’t disagree w/you, just had a different take on it. Have no clue what Hebraic numerical value is, (should considering my Jewish background) but, we know what His Word calls us to keep watch for, St Paul, Luther, etc.. all thought they would see that day. Compared to what little they had, knew, or was possible, I must beg a wee bit of wiggle room. Those who post here are a fraction of who reads here. As I stated above, I do not believe current leaders have it in them, but hey…who knows…oh…our Father does & that is enough for me. Timely subject though…

  16. What is the best book to get the Lutheran eschatological consensus/viewpoint. I must admit I get confused on which prophecies will manifest as secular events and which pertain only to the Kingdom. For example, will the antichrist be an actual human ruling over nations, or as John writes of the spirit already evident in his day, an unholy spirit that will do, or attempt to do, it’s despicable deeds in spiritual Jerusalem, the Church, ala a great falling away?

  17. Bruce,

    I have yet to find a really good study on this. I am sure they exist. It is not my field of expertise but I have read quite a bit in this area. Lenski’s commentary on Revelation is probably the best but it is really tough reading (mostly because it is poorly written) and some of his comments are a little archaic. You could probably find a copy of it on Also, Franz Pieper gives a pretty good summary of the Biblical amillenialist view in the third volume of his Christian Dogmatics. He too is a little too proof-texty on this matter but it is a good solid treatment.

    To your specific question, the answer is “yes.” The antichrist is both an individual and a false spirit of teaching. As the Lutheran Confessions teach, the antichrist is the office of the papacy which at any given time, after the smoke rises in Rome, is filled by a real live person and lives on as a false teaching.


  18. Pastor Rossow,
    What are the odds of you taking a peak & post on this subject? The falling away, signs of the times, I have so many people ask me about this, and there are so many far fetched theories, as to this subject. We are to keep watch, not be caught unaware nor sleeping, antichrist in Faith vs the antichrist, last days etc. My Pastor growing up taught a bit o basics in Conformation, “Revelation begins with a blessing to those read & understand, as most won’t, can’t, nor are encouraged by the Holy Spirit to know all. We are to keep watch, know what to watch for, and do what Christ says when we or if we should ever see them all occur”. Or something like that. What do you reccomend to us all here, we speak on to others, about this subject? I need to make sure I am Scriptural, not theoretical w/those who ask me.

  19. The CTCR published a great document on the end times several years ago. I think it’s called The End Times A Study on Eschatology And Millenialism. I read it years ago and it certainly helped keep everything straight in my mind. They did something recently in response to the Left Behind books too I think. You can probably go to and do a search there for the info.

  20. Great suggestion Mary.

    For the last few years the CTCR has put out some questionable stuff (the minority reports are usually more confessional) but I have read that little booklet and it is helpful. It is availble from our good friends at CPH.


  21. Dutch,

    It is not high on my priority list but it is timely since we are entering the end of the church year and then Advent. I really do love the Book of Revelation. I am not expert but this is just the kind of thing that I might get an urge to post in a few days. It would be good for sermon prep anyway for the coming emphasis on All Saints, Last Sundays of the Church Year and our Advent watch for the return of our Lord.

    Don’t hold your breathe but maybe, just maybe I can find some time for it.


  22. Pastor Rossow,
    My personal favorite holiday (church high day) is All Saints Day, for all the saints, who from their labours rest! Oh, those blest feet who taught me, who I read & learned from, & who wait for us all in our Father’s House! Such a wonderful, albeit, bittersweet day, but brightest of days! From a pew view, if I am called & expected to watch & know & give account, as are we all, we should truly know, without doubt, what it is we are watching for. Trust from the Office, is rather rare & somewhat difficult for me & mine at the moment. Would be lovely, to hear just a wee post on this, for answers to give others on said subject. Those who know our Lord not, have much to say.
    Thanks so much & blessings to you!

  23. Somehow, this thread got sidetracked from Anglo-Catholic relations to eschatology (not to say that eschatology isn’t a good topic!)
    There are some very good articles on the Anglo-Catholic thing on the “GetReligion” website, to which our dear Mollie regularly contributes.
    My take…the number of Anglicans who will swim the Tiber as a result of this will be minimal. (The opportunity for such has been in existence for decades, just not as “formalized” publicly as Benedict XVI has done.)
    Note: Although the GetReligion site is supposed to deal with how the press reports on religious matters, its threads, more often than not, get sidetracked on to the religious matters thmselves.
    Some interesting stuff there, for those who are interested.

  24. Califiowan,
    The thread did get a bit sidetracked, but in this current decision by Rome, it is ground breaking & goes against hundred’s of years (longer than just the 16th century w/England) of loggerhead. So, in a way, eschatology is topical & involved here, albeit a stretch. If ya know your history, how this whole thing played out, timing, etc. the fact the Archbishop of Canterbury, has yet to comment, & the issues in the C O E, we should beg a bit of wiggle room. The formalizing of the decision is the news, is the issue, this is a Papal decree, an absolution & embracing of historic preportions. Knowing the end times theories flying around out there, this may smell a bit familiar to some, good way to weed through truth from fiction.

    Yep, totally agree about Get Religon, a bit “body politic” at times, but Molly is always awesome, where ever she posts articles.

  25. I am utterly bemused by the whole Anglican/Rome thing. It wasn’t enough that Rome now has “parallel” rites (the novus ordo alongside the “extraordinary” Rite), now we’ll also have some good old Anglican high church liturgy while the average Catholic in the burbs will still be hearing Marty Haugen, the St. Louis Jesuits and watching the cantor waving her arms as if she is directing traffic.

    Really, no preconciliar Catholic would recognize this as the Catholic Church.

    Then there all the rules and hoops that will have to be jumped through in oder to determine the status of divorced Anglicans, formerly Catholic Anglicans and who knows what else. “Cradle” Catholics are already grumbling about a two-tier system in which married Anglican priests will serve while Roman priests still cannot marry. Nor can married Anglican bishops serve as Bishops in the Church of Rome.

    No, Confessional Lutherans have nothing to fear here. A “Lutheran Rite” would never solve the doctrinal obstacles that still exist with Rome.


  26. “this deals only with the Angelican Church, the Church of England, not primarily the Episcopal church, ELCA has no mention in this at this time, know your facts, the AP is not the end all beat all, go to the original source!!!!!)”

    Actually, Rome’s decision is applicable to the ECUSA, which is still a part of the worldwide Anglican communion. American Episcopalians are technically Anglicans (they underwent a name change after the American Revolution made “Anglican” an un-PC name). The confusion is that today “Anglican” and “Episcopalian” also have political/theological nuances in the American scene. Anglicans who call themselves “Anglican” are more politically and theologically conservative and seek alignment with the Global South. Anglicans who call themselves “Episcopalians” are liberal and prefer alignment with northern areas, like Canada. In any case, all Anglicans across the world will be covered by this new Personal Ordinariates. One fascinating aspect is that many Anglo-Catholic services are much more like pre-Vatican II RC services than RC services today. In any case, this has been a very long time in coming [possibly since the Pope declared Anglican orders null and void in 1896] due to the determined efforts of a small group of Anglo-Catholics. Had this happened in 1900, Rome may have gotten half of England, but now they will get relatively few from Britain itself. It will be very interesting to see how the newly-formed Anglican Church in North America responds to this. The church is a bizarre conglomeration of Calvinists, Arminian Evangelicals, and Anglo-Catholics thrown together by their mutal distaste for homosexuality. Will the Anglo-Catholic wing of the ACNA hang on, or will they jump ship for Rome, thereby endangering the success of the fledgling ACNA? Time will tell on that one. I suspect that most converts will com from the Anglo-Catholics of Australia. In any case, the Lutheran Church is an entirely different scenario theologically and historically. There will be no Personal Ordinariates or Prelatures for Lutherans in the foreseeable future.
    Bethany Kilcrease

  27. Bethany,

    Thank you for that helpful comment. Between your knowledge of church history and Dutch’s daily reading of the European press, we are getting quite an education here.

    BTW – how’s married life? I am always halfway through your comments before I realize that it is you because I don’t recognize the name.


  28. I always found Brighton a little lost in the trees which kept me from seeing the forrest. I have only glanced at the commentary and so did not comment on it but noticed the forest/trees thing even just at a glance. (Of course, one could easily say the same of my Lenski suggestion.)


  29. Bethany,
    Kudos to ya! I tip my virtual hat to ya. I don’t really know much about the C.O.E.’s ties, here in the US, just in the UK. To true, though, too true (hind sight is 20/20 w/ RC taking 1/2 of England, that I would beg to differ on, polity, politic, & etc, would give remiss). Ya know how these type of things work, this also bears into the Lisbon Treaty bits, (even the Vatican must now find it’s relevant foothold in this ‘global’ new status’ ) as well as the cross church references. As Christine said so well, most who knew what the R.C. church was, don’t recognize it, old standard C.O.E. don’t reconize this “new” one, same could be said of just about every denom. I am a child of history, British History, Euro history & archeology. I read foreign papers (forgot to give a nod to Arutz Sheva-Israel), to keep up with where friends & family & His Church may find themselves. Betwixt thee & me, & Christine, we girlies, covered most, I learned a fair bit from you both today, & that bears a bit of thanks on my part! Thanks bunches, & God grant you both His Blessings.

  30. @Pastor Tim Rossow #29
    Pastor Rossow,

    Jack and I are very much enjoying the married life, thank you very much! It was our 2 month anniversary yesterday. 🙂
    Bethany [formerly Tanis] Kilcrease

  31. @Pastor Tim Rossow #19

    Have you ever chanced to read Dr. Riddlebarger’s ‘The Case for Amillenialism,’ from our brothers in the Reformed camp? Heavy lifting, but worthwhile, certainly.

    You hit the nail on the head as far as rising smoke goes, too…it’s been especially smoky since the Joint Declaration, after all.

  32. Wylder…

    Have not read Riddlebarger but in my experience we are pretty much in sync with Reformed amillenialists on this matter and they write some great theology! If I get a chance I will check it out.


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