On the excellent financial management at Synod, Inc.

Remember last year when David Strand fired Rev. Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz and canceled Issues, Etc.? He claimed he did it to save money and to improve programing. Those of us in the know found such claims silly. Issues, Etc. was the only nationally syndicated program we had on the radio station. Indeed, it was one of the very few things that was going terribly well at the radio station.

Fact is that management review boards had advised Strand of dozens of things that could have been done to improve station operations and content — none of which, to my knowledge, have ever been implemented.

So how is the management of the radio station going now? Let’s look at what Treasurer Tom Kuchta had to say about things during the August board meeting:

Regarding KFUO, he noted a loss of $443,000, although the loss by the AM station is currently being covered by designated bequest income, likely to be depleted in another year. The FM share of the loss will need to be covered by unrestricted assets, this $254,000 loss in large part due to reduced support from the St. Louis arts community. He noted in particular that fundraising efforts costing KFUO $402,000 over the past year generated gifts of only $448,000.

All of it is bad, but that last line in particular is just breathtaking. Fundraising costs should really be in the low double digits. If they’re 90 percent of your take, you are doing something very wrong.


On the excellent financial management at Synod, Inc. — 7 Comments

  1. Where can I get a job as a fundraiser for the LCMS? And do I really get to keep almost all of what I raise?

  2. Anybody checked out how Fan into Flame-out fund-raiser costs vs. actual money received is looking lately?

    Duh! LOL!

  3. Wouldn’t listen to my correspondence…so Issues is the receipent of our donations as well as going thru THRIVENT YEAH!!!!!!! no I mean YAY!!!

  4. This isn’t the only bad news. I wonder what the membership of the synod is down to now? I wonder how far in the red the University system is? I wonder how many missionaries have been pulled? I wonder if the Synod is financially supporting our Seminaries at all? Oh, wait, there is good news too. The salaries of the bureaucrats are going up and President K now wears a snappy looking Cope at church functions. – Pay no attention to that iceberg tearing a hole in the side of the good ship Missouri! Everything will be just fine as soon as the get the deck chairs realigned and the captain gets his new agenda for Missouri adopted in 2010.

  5. You sure won’r get any kind of good honest report in the Distorter—-I meant to say the Reporter ugh!

  6. “…this $254,000 loss in large part due to reduced support from the St. Louis arts community.”

    If you kick your donors in the teeth, you might well expect a negative response, inside and outside the church! But Jerry “Get-out-your-checkbook” Kieschnick still doesn’t get it, apparently. 🙁

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