Rev. Jack Cascione Brings to Light an LCMS Lawsuit Against Four Simple Church Ladies in California, by Pr. Rossow

This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. Below is a two part video of Rev. Jack Cascione interviewing four simple church ladies in Oakland, California about a lawsuit that  which calls for the taking of  the church property away from these ladies and the eleven other members of the congregation.

As you will see from the video, the details of the lawsuit are rather complex. One would need a lot more detail to determine who is in the right.

That is not the point. Say what you will about Rev. Cascione – I myself have criticized his position that the voters assembly is the voice of God in the local congregation, but I also think that a group that he belongs to (ULMA) and that we invite to post on this site, has something to offer and say in the whole scheme of confessional Lutheranism – but he has done all LCMS members a service by bringing to light this litigious action of our synod leadership. Rev. Cascione is a former member of the LCMS. He and his congregation left the synod a few years ago on account of many of the same things that we complain about on this website: contemporary worship, false ecumenism, the unscriptural role of women, etc.

Those of us who witnessed the aggressive nature in which  the synod leadership conducted the firing of Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz are not surprised to see the aggressive nature of this action with the four simple church ladies in California.

This is more proof that it is time for a change in the leadership in the LCMS. This aggressive and litigious activity of the current leadership appears to be very  un-churchly behavior.

Does anyone reading this understand who at the International Center is responsible for such lawsuits? Is it the board of directors? Is it the synodical president? Is it the council of district presidents? Any and all comments for clarification would be appreciated.

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  1. A Case of Conscience: A male member of some Confessional Lutheran congregation is a Voting Member of that congregation, and he has a wife, but no daughters, but only two sons, both of which are of the minimum age necessary to be eligible to vote in the congregation. But both of them are still living with their father and neither of these two sons has yet found a woman he would like to marry, and they are still searching. The Bible prescribes that sons (and daughters) should obey their fathers as head of the home. Thus, according to the teachings of the Bible, Lutheran Confessions, and the doctrinal teachings of C. F. W. Walther on Church Polity, will these two sons be eligible to be members of the Voter Assembly and vote in the congregation alongside with their father? Or will that be contrary to their duty of obedience to their father? Explain why or why not, using sound proofs of the Bible, Lutheran Confessions, and the writings of C. F. W. Walther & the writings of the old German LC-MS synod before the year in which women were given the congregational vote in the LCMS.

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