North Wisconsin DP Apologizes for Promoting Women’s Ordination

Over on the original post on this story BJS member and columnist Scott Diekmann shared the apology he  received from North Wisconsin District President Hoelter for allowing a two page promotion of womens ordination to appear in his district monthly newsletter. Here is what Scott shared:

I contacted President Hoelter via email. Rather than try and parse his response I’m quoting it:


“The article in question in the October NORTHERN HERALD did indeed slip past me. I can lay the blame at the feet of our editor, but as President I bear the responsibility for what is printed and disseminated in the District. Neither the North Wisconsin District nor I approve of or condone the ordination of women to the pastoral Office. Our Synod has spoken clearly and forcefully on the issue and the North Wisconsin District supports the Synod’s position. Please accept my apology. I will be speaking with the pastors of the District at our Fall Conference that begins tomorrow.”

You can see the original post and Scott’s comment (# 14) here.

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