Conservative “United List” Group Releases its Recommendations for Praesidium

(Editor’ Note: In July 2010 the LCMS will meet in synod convention. For years there has been an anoymous group that releases a list of recommended candidates for offices that will be elected at the convention. The group is called the “United List” because in the past conservative groups would put up different names and tend to split the vote. These various groups came together years ago and began presenting a united front. The group remains anonymous so that there is no attempt to influence its members. We were sent a copy of the list and asked to publish it. This list will be archived on our LCMS Politics page.)


RELEASE DATE: September 8th, 2009

The “United List” announces its recommendations for the following offices of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS):

Synodical President: Rev. Matthew Harrison of Saint Louis, Missouri

First Vice-President: Rev. Herbert Mueller, Jr. of Waterloo, Illinois

Second Vice-President: Rev. John Wohlrabe of Geneseo, Illinois

Third Vice-President: Rev. Daniel Preus of Saint Louis, Missouri

Fourth Vice-President: Rev. David Adams of Saint Louis, Missouri

Fifth Vice-President: Rev. Scott Murray of Houston, Texas

Alternate for VPs 2-5: Rev. Carl Fickenscher of Fort Wayne, Indiana

The offices listed will be filled at the upcoming convention of the LCMS in July 2010. Nomination forms for these offices will be sent by the LCMS Secretary’s office to congregations at the end of October 2009. Congregations are free to nominate any qualified candidate of their choice. Congregations are encouraged to consider and submit the names listed above as their nominations.

Since 1998 the “United List” has served the congregations of the LCMS who seek to be faithful to the synod’s constitution and confessions. It has done this by recommending candidates who also uphold the synod’s constitution and confessions, who are impeccably ethical, and who have proven themselves in every way for service to the Lutheran church.

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