“Oh, Blest the Homosexual” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

Before I get to the song, let me post my responses first. Pick the one that fits best:

A. Yes, I know I’m a sinner too.
B. Yes, I want homosexuals to repent and be saved.
C. Yes, I’m well aware of the problems in the Missouri Synod.
D. Yes, I know there’s a faithful remnant still in the ELCA.
E. No, I don’t buy the “We’re grieving now, don’t criticize us” line.
F. No, satirical polemics is perfectly biblical and Lutheran–indeed, it is called for in cases like this.

Now, to the song. . . .

Tune: Wo Gott zum Haus
(“Oh, Blest the House, Whate’er Befall” TLH 625/LSB 862)

Oh, blest the homosexual
Though we have nothing textual
To bless behavior God has cursed
We took a vote–it’s been reversed

Oh, blest the gal who takes a wife
As long as they stay gay for life
“Committed,” then you can be queer–
Until we change that too next year

Oh, check the box for blessing in:
Transgendered, bi, or lesbian
We’re working on the PETA-phile
So man and dog can walk the aisle

Oh, blast those other Lutherans
Who tell us that we’re loose on sins
There still is one we won’t abide
It’s when you make God’s Word our guide

Then hear the E.L.C.A. say
That it’s OK to ordain the gay
Though all the world forsake God’s Word
They can’t outdo us for absurd!

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