New and improved LCMS Web site

Just an fyi that Synod, Inc. has updated its Web site with a bunch of great features. Most noticeably we now have an appropriate amount of mauve rather than the mauve explosion of the previous version. There’s also good use of multi-media to draw visitors in. If you’re looking to contact the Synod, it’s much easier to do so. And the links are much more about what a Web site user might be looking for as opposed to how the bureaucrats sitting inside the International Center see themselves.

I haven’t dug around beyond the front page. If you have, let us know what else is new and improved with the site.


New and improved LCMS Web site — 10 Comments

  1. Yeah, but there still aren’t RSS feeds for any of the publications, which is a major component that’s missing that shouldn’t be.

  2. But they still missed the easy one…I have been writing for several years (emails to LCMS IT) about the database for searching for congregations, church workers, etc., to…put in a FREE Google search. Why?

    As a new visitor to an area try typing in…
    De Witt, MI or DeWitt, MI
    Mt. Pleasant, Michigan vs. Mount Pleasant, MI
    etc. ad nauseum

    One spelling will return information on a church the other will not. I could cite thousands of examples and have to the LCMS IT Department who responds…”Thanks for your suggestion, blah, blah, blah, …….not at this time, etc.”

    Visitors could, of course, Google the name of the City, or they might know where they’re going, but if they don’t spell it exactly right, they get nothing.

    Very simple, free Google search which returns…”Mt. Pleasant” did you mean…”Mount Pleasant?”

    Whew, it is nice to get the rant out early in the day…;-)

  3. It’s definitely an improvement, that’s for sure. I’d like to see a bit more solid color (not mauve, please) off on the sides to frame the new clean white background of the main content areas. Those of us lucky enough to have the newer wide-screen flat panel monitors are seeing aLOT of white. But that’s a very tiny concern.

    Belief and practice and FAQ are easy to find, and so is the congregation locator link.

    I sincerely appreciate the *lack* of a flash intro page. Good call. Flash in the hands of churches results in stuff like this: [audio warning]

  4. Has anyone been able to access The Reporter‘s Letters to the Editor, from July, or August, or any recent month?!?

    There seem to be a couple of ways that should work, either through the Letters to the Editor or through the Archives tabs, but they don’t, except to tell me there were no letters in June. I was able to access the letters from Oct. 2004.

  5. Most noticeably we now have an appropriate amount of mauve rather than the mauve explosion of the previous version.

    I had never heard the term “mauve” used to describe that color before, but we’ll add it to the list. So now we have:

    The Purple Palace

    The Violet Vatican

    The Mauve Mausoleum

  6. Also – Check out “Belief and Practice” on the left hand side just below the logo. Fourth item down on the pop-up menu.

  7. I just found them. On the left hand side, there is a menu and under Belief & Practice they are there. I’m an ol’ dog who doesn’t learn new tricks easily. By the time I get comfortable using the new website, they’ll probably change it, again, just like the hymnal.

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