ELCA Convention Underway, by Pr. Rossow

The ELCA Churchwide Assembly is underway. You can watch it live by clicking here.

I do not have time this week to do much by way of watching it and reviewing it for you. We will have posts on it as we have time. If anyone has been watching/listening please feel free to offer your editorial comments below.

I did hear enough this morning to note that they will begin the debate on the sexuality issue this afternoon. As I understand it they will debating whether or not to allow practicing homosexual clergy in the ELCA. More to come…

Update at 12:30 Central – Since posting about an hour ago we have had some excellent suggestions on how to keep up on teh ELCA Assembly:

  1. Dan at Necessary Roughness has posted this commentary (click here).
  2. Ed Weise (aka Calfiowan) provided this info for us:

    For those of you who don’t really want to watch:

    Richard Johnson, Editor of “Forum Letter,” is posting regularly with updated commentary on the E?CA confab on the ALPB’s “Forum Online” website. Very thorough, almost excruciatingly so at times!

    Some of the “comments” on his commentaries are more revealing than the commentaries themselves.

    Johnson is critical of much of what is going on, and has been going on, in E?CA.

    Worth a periodic look.


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