Drama over KFUO-FM

So the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has updated its story on the likely sale of KFUO-FM:

A board committee, with board member and Omaha, Neb., lawyer Kermit Brashear now serving as special counsel, is charged with pursuing negotiations to “continue the uninterrupted broadcast of the 99.1 classical format in the St. Louis market” via an HD signal — a proposal Brashear previously has pitched to a group of local arts supporters.

But the board also gives Brashear’s committee “absolute and sole discretion” for a sale, without further consultation of the full board of directors.

In an interview late Friday, Brashear would not confirm that the buyer will be Joy FM. Asked about the committee’s discretion to sell, he said it was “not (an) open, blank check.” The board “delegated to the committee (the) full ability to make a decision,” Brashear said.

I honestly have no idea what the above means. It’s not an open, blank check but the committee has the full authority to make the decision to sell? Confusing.

Anyway, I thought this quote was interesting as well:

Paul L. Maier, second vice president of the synod and a professor at Western Michigan University, criticized the board of directors for a “capitulation of responsibility” in giving absolute authority to the KFUO committee without requiring endorsement from the full board.


Drama over KFUO-FM — 5 Comments

  1. By transferring complete authority to this committee (is this permitted in the Constitution?) the BOD seems to be setting up a CYA for any committee action by claiming “plausible deniability.”

  2. It is permitted:

    The Board of Directors is the legal representative of the Synod. It is the custodian of all the property of the Synod, directly or by its delegation of such authority to an agency of the Synod.

    In fact, the BOD has delegated responsibility for a great deal of synod’s property to other agencies. What the BOD has done here isn’t unusual. We can criticize this BOD for a lot of things (and I do), but this time they are acting responsibly.


  3. Better to raise money through the sale of a radio station than to have to borrow money from pension funds and such.

  4. Better to raise money through the sale of a radio station than to have to borrow money from pension funds and such. –#3

    Better yet to stop supporting non Lutheran “consultants” and live within your income as us pewsitters are enjoined to do.

    I have read that synod had a $7 million surplus in July 2001.

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