Can’t Pass Up Lunch at Darrell’s Place – Confessions Group in Audobon, Iowa Reconvenes

Dear Christians: Greetings, in the Name of the Holy One of Israel, Jesus.
Please be reminded, we shall convene Monday morning, August 3, at Saint John Lutheran Church, Audubon, Iowa, for further study of the Small Catechism of Martin Luther.

Hereunder, the schedule:

Coffee and rolls, 9:00am

Morning Prayer, 9:30am

The Small Catechism, the sacrament of Holy Baptism, beginning with the 4th part, 10:00am – noon

Lunch from Darrell’s Place, Dairy Queen, Subway etc. at the church, noon – 1:00pm

Casuistry, church business etc., 1:00pm – ?

We look forward to seeing you Monday.

Bradley, Bishop of Audubon+

Bradley W. Ketcham, Pastor

Saint John Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

906 E. Division Street

Audubon, Iowa




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