5/500 BJS Fundraiser Initiated to Fulfill Our Goal to Support New Lutheran Media

(Every member of the Brothers of John the Steadfast will receive the following letter by mail this week. If you are not a member and would like to contribute simply follow the instructions below.)

Dear Brothers and Sisters of John the Steadfast,

We have been together for a year now and have laid a good foundation and now it is time to fulfill one of the main reasons we have formed this fellowship – to support the new Lutheran media with offerings from the bounty God has given to us. We have had a few chapter fundraisers but it is time for our first all-organization fund-drive.

We are having a fundraiser to help support Issues, Etc. We are calling it our $5/$500 fundraiser. We hope you will give anywhere from $5 to $500 to support Issues, Etc. Certainly all of us can afford $5 and many of us can afford $500 or even more to support Confessional Lutheran radio broadcasts.

I know that some of you already support Issues directly and that is good. We encourage that. That may mean that your gift to the $5/500 drive may be less but we do hope you will contribute something so that we can offer a large and steadfast gift as a group. We would like to receive all gifts by September 30, 2009.

100% of your $5/500 gift will go to Issues, Etc. We are also giving you an opportunity to give a gift to the Brothers Administrative Fund to help offset the day to day costs of the organization. Included in those costs are honorariums for some of our bloggers, website development and maintenance, a small travel budget and miscellaneous office supplies. We recommend an extra gift equal or greater than 10% of your Issues gift but that is up to you.

Thanks for all of your support for the Brothers of John the Steadfast. You may make your gift using the enclosed envelope or you may go online and make use of Paypal. If you use the enclosed card be sure to check the appropriate boxes and if you use Paypal make sure that you follow the instructions to give a gift to Issues and to give a gift directly to the Brothers Administrative Fund.

I am opening up the $5/500 fund drive with a gift of $250 from me and my family. I hope you will follow my lead and give a generous gift as well.

Pastor Rossow
Founder and Editor of the Brothers of John the Steadfast

PS. Remember, BJS is not the official fundraising arm for Issues, Etc. We have our own separate organization and goals. It just so happens that Issues, Etc. is the best example of new Lutheran media we have seen and so for the foreseeable future it will be our primary project for support.

Note: If you want to give one gift to both fundraisers, click on the Donate to Issues Etc button, select the total amount you want to give, then on the final confirmation page, open the “Questions or Comments” box and specify how much of your donation you want to direct to BJS. You may also print out this card and mail your payment to: BJS 5/500 / 306 Westbury Ct / Naperville, IL / 60565. Thanks!

If you want to distribute this letter to others, or post it in your church, please download and print this PDF. Thanks for your support!

If you want to promote this fundraiser on your blog or website, please include the following code. We would appreciate being told where you put this.:

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