Wouldn’t It be Great to have Unity and Growth in the LCMS? A Sneak Peak at the Cover of Rev. Harrison’s New Book

A picture speaks a thousand words and so does a subtitle. Check out the subtitle of Rev. Harrison’s new book:

Presidential Sermons, Essays, Letters and Addresses from the Missouri Synod’s Era of Unity and Growth

We thank one of our many little moles who provided to us the pdf of the cover.

Where do I begin describing  how profound and timely this book is. Let’s start with unity and growth. The last few years in the  LCMS have been characterized by disunity and shrinking. How refreshing that Pastor Harrison is wise enough to present a study of a past era of growth and unity as a key to the present and the future. Also, it is refreshing to have a candidate for the presidency that respects the lessons of our grandfather’s church rather than mocking the past as President Kieschnick has done with his endless call to reject our grandfathers’ church.

It is also refreshing to have a serious candidate for the presidency of the LCMS who is a master of our grandfathers’ German and is able to translate these excellent sermons, essays, letters and addresses. This demonstrates a dedication to the fact that words carry truth as opposed to the recent years of leadership in the synod which have placed a greater emphasis on emotion, spin, “leadership,” and marketing than on the truth of straight-forward spoken words that are based on the Word of God.

Many of us have known what a great treasure Matt Harrison is and what a great leader he would be for the synod. If you have not gotten to know Rev. Harrison we hope you will take the time to do so.

The Rev. Dr. Timothy A. Rossow – Founder and Editor of the Brothers of John the Steadfast

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