Listening to Issues, Etc. – Another New Confessional Lutheran Convert, by Pr. Rossow

One of the many blessings of heading up the Brothers of John the Steadfast is the people I get to meet. Yesterday I got a phone call from someone trying to get a hold of the first three issues of the Steadfast Quarterly. It turned out to be one of those calls that made my day, even made my whole week.

The call was from 41 year old Arthur from central  California who has recently been immersed in Confessional Lutheranism. He is a proud Hispanic who grew up in the Roman Catholic Church. A few years ago, by the call of the Holy Spirit he led his family away from Americanized Romanism to a parish and a bishop who espouse and practice the richer Latin mass. The Holy Spirit then started convicting Arthur that numerous practices of the Catholic church were clouding the pure Gospel. The next step was to go to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church where the Gospel was purer but Arthur soon discovered that there was no solid foundation upholding the liturgical practice of this Reformed denomination.

Somewhere along this journey (we did not get into the details of how this came about) he was introduced to Issues, Etc. For several hours a day Arthur listens to downloads of Issues, Etc. While Arthur is going about his day, Pastor Wilken is delivering the pure Gospel of Scripture and Confessional Lutheranism to Arthur.

Arthur is now attending Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Rocklin, California where he will be receiving catechesis from Pastor Jeffrey Jordan. He has been attending there for a few months now and has finally found a Godly combination of a rich liturgical tradition practiced and the pure Gospel preached. His only regret, and he is willing to make this sacrifice, is that until he is properly catechized he will not be receiving the body and blood of our Lord.

Stories like this are popping up all around the globe. It boggles one’s mind to think that the leadership of the LCMS continues to dismantle our grandfather’s church and replace it with what is hot, new, emotional and contemporary (or should we say “temporary”).

Blogger and  brother of John the Steadfast Jim Pierce is writing/editing a book of these stories. If you would like to be included in the book or know of a moving testimony of someone who has converted to Confessional Lutheranism send me an e-mail and I will pass the information on to Jim. The book will be published by a new internet bookstore (Church and Ministry Publishing) that will be coming on line in the next few weeks.

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