Who Says Conservative Confessionals Can’t Give Testimonies?

(From the Editor: This comment was posted on my article on The Alley’s Manifesto and I thought it was worth a wider readership. Lusade – I hope you don’t mind me calling your comment a “testimony.”)

The Alley Manifesto is a child’s dose compared to the Gospel. Doesn’t the Alley realize we are dead in our sins? What exactly is their good news to the rest of the world? Sola Small Groups? Sola Team Ministry? “Your best life now”? Five steps to a better marriage? Their manifesto reduces the Gospel to a weak strain that inoculates seekers against catching a full-blown case of new life in Christ. I’m a new Lutheran. It took me 59 years of main-stream liberal, church growth, seeker sensitive, how-to Christianity to arrive at Lutheranism and I can’t believe somebody wants to throw the Gospel away for the Alley Manifesto.


Comment by lusade — June 19, 2009 @ 7:23 pm

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