The BRTFSG Takes Another Serious Hit from a District Convention – Summary from Rocky Mt. District

President Kieschnick’s  Blue Ribbon Task Force on Structure and Governance has taken another beating from an LCMS district convention, this time the Rocky Mt. District. A summary of the entire convention  has been posted  on a blog titled  Colorado Rocky Mt. Guy.

In district convention after district convention President Kieschnick’s agenda is taking serious criticism, the Minnesota South convention being an exception, as Klemet Preus noted in his blog  here last week. It was interesting to note the difference between the bitter and cruel liberal reaction to Preus’ post vs. Preus own attitude. Preus humbly documented the defeat of the conservative cause which prompted several liberal commenters to pile on with fairly vicious attacks.

Check out the review of the Rocky Mt. district convention and you will see that a solid DP was re-elected (Rev. Randy Golter), a strong resolution was approved against the watering down of the office of the ministry that has taken place while President Kieschnick has been responsible for doctrinal purity in the synod as well as a description of another strong critique of the Blue Ribbon proposals. One of the key facts that came out in the mountains is that the BRTFSG has already spent $650,000, $250,000 on travel and $400,000 on a consulting firm. Once again President Kieschnick has proven that this is not your grandfather’s church. Your grandfather spent those offerings on mission work and not on programs and consultants.

The Task Force is taking a lot of heat at the conventions but it is still important that you weigh in on this. We encourage all our readers, liberal, moerate, conservative, etc. to go to  to take the survey and register your opinion on these important matters.

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