More on President Kieschnick’s Claim of Doctrinal Unity in the Synod, by Pr. Rossow

Yesterday we reported  a quote from President Kieschnick from his presentation to the Northern Illinois District convention. He asserted that there is overwhelming unity in the synod and that our disagreements are only on lesser issues such as the role of women, who should commune, inter-Christian relations and the like. Designating those things as secondary is poor judgment in our opinion but we have been informed  of an interesting twist that makes this story even more disconcerting.

Our blogger Charles Henrickson and another reader both pointed out a different  claim by President Kieschnick.  In  a letter printed in the  August, 2000 Reporter President Kieschnick asserted that “The reality is that while our Synod appears to be, and actually is, far from united in some areas of doctrine and practice….” As Charles Henrickson pointed out in a comment on the story from yesterday

I’m puzzled. How did we get from “far from united” to “overwhelmingly united” in less than nine years–most of which, coincidentally, happens to correspond to Kieschnick’s time as SP? Did I miss this great unification he accomplished?

We cannot think of a single action that President Kieschnick has done that has brought doctrinal unity to the synod. Sure, he has sponsored theological convocations but there was no teaching at these events nor was there any theological supervision exercised. The gay activist is still a music director in Renton, Washington, Jefferson Hills Church is still having lay people serve communion in their homes in the St. Louis suburbs, and in increasing numbers Methobapticostal hymns are being sung in our parishes and yet President Kieschnick has not addressed these issues.

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