Laborers for Christ in the news

Considering how large our church body is, we rarely get any media coverage. Usually this is a blessing since many of the members of the mainstream media don’t know how to discuss religion very well. It also means that we have fewer of the hot-button political problems that many mainline churches struggle with. But it also probably has something to do with a somewhat weak Communications department.

Anyway, here’s a nice little story from a small newspaper in Missouri about the LCMS’ Laborers for Christ program.


Laborers for Christ in the news — 3 Comments

  1. Why does the article use LCEF repeatedly? I did not think that Laborers for Christ were necessarily tied to LCEF. Am I wrong?

  2. Laborers is the group that comes in for the work. LCEF is often the people who loan the money so that the work can be done. Their loan programs [unless they have changed] will speak of a 30 year note, but every three years they can and often do change the inerest rate. To me, it makes much more sense for a congregation to get a conventional loan with a fixed rate of interest over the whole period of the loan.Now I know that I have stated all the above in the most simple of terms, but having had a congregation with an LCEF loan and seen their monthly payment go up each three year cycle for 12 years, I think I have it about right.

  3. I understand your sentiments, Pr. Sterle. The acronym does not seem to be used to refer to the mortgage though but rather to the workers.

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