Good Report from the Ohio District Convention

(Editor’s Note: We thank Darrell Wacker for this update from the Ohio District convention. If you have any further comments on the Ohio district  or any of the other conventions  feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]. We here at the Brothers of John the Steadfast are committed to promoting the Lutheran Confessions in the LCMS. Some think that the politics of district and synodical conventions should be off limits to theological discussion. We believe, to the contrary,  that much of the bad theology that is circulating in our synod could be eliminated with good strong leadership in the districts and synod conventions. Church politics is quite theological. To that end we post things like the following and encourage our readers to be involved in the convention procedures in the synod. Our LCMS politics site may be of some help to those just learning about the LCMS process.)

For what it’s worth, the Ohio District Convention just concluded yesterday with some real positives happening for confessionals, including elections for the Board of Directors.


However, the most positive thing was a resolution from the floor to memorialize the 2010 Synodical convention to hear the restructuring proposals but defer voting until 2013.


It was quite evident from the discussion after the restructuring presentation and during the debate on the above resolution that skepticism is rampant in our district.   Only 3 speakers rose in favor of the proposals, while 30-40 rose against all or part of them.

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