Go west, young man

With the decline of the St. Louis Seminary’s financial situation, Uwe Siemon-Netto and his Center for Lutheran Theology and Public Life are moving to a new home out west. Click here for more information.


Go west, young man — 6 Comments

  1. What is the financial situation at Concordia St. Louis? I asked for a copy of the budget, but have receivednothing. I have heard through the grapevine that the budget is under lock-and-key even from those who should be in the know.

  2. James,

    The opening article in the recent Concordia Journal by Dale Meyer is all about the financial situation at CSL. It does not have all the details you are looking for but has some insights. I am not sure if it is online.


  3. Phew …. Schulz, Wilkin, Schwarz, Noland and now Siemon-Netto. They’re going after the laymen as well as the pastors. The LCMS bureaucracy are not friendly toward “thinking Christians.”

    Maybe that’s the confessional bumper-sticker, coffee-mug, t-shirt cry: “It’s ok to think.”

  4. Also the situation at 801 was written up in Focus a while back. This is the situation in homes that have needs too, if t hey desire the kids to get the college degrees and survive and they are working aside from going to school and having cut backs also…..All those let go were wrong ideas and now Netto. They did get rid of ,CBC,which was a real lemon. And now it sits there for W.U. as sorta rotten apple,cause Clayton don’t want it for a school.

  5. The shame of the situation is that the Synod funding of the Seminaries is almost non-existent. Hmph, I though one reason for Synod was to fund seminaries, of course with the current popularity of alternate routes and programs, I guess many higher ups just don’t see a seminary education as an advantage, I mean you don’t have to be a theologian anymore to head the Synod or anything.

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