Video from Grace Lutheran – Tulsa, OK Will Make You Feel OK to Be A Confessional Lutheran, by Pr. Rossow

I was  alerted today to a great video promoting Grace Lutheran Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can view it here:

I have come to know the pastor of the church, Mason Beecroft through confessional circles in the last few months. What makes this church and its video even more amazing is that Pastor Beecroft is a converted Evangelical. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. He and a few other students were in a patristics class  (study of the church fathers) one semester at Dallas when it dawned on them that there actually was something abiding and enduring in the historic, traditional, and liturgical approach to spirituality. That began a long road for Mason that has brought him to the LCMS and planted him in the middle of the Bible belt setting off incense, making the sign of the cross, chanting and so forth and seeing his church grow.

Of course growth is not a mark of the church but it sure is inspirational to see a liturgical church grow. Pastor Beecroft told me a few weeks ago that is church is bringing in evangelicals who are seeing that there is much more integrity and faithfulness in the liturgical church. They have also seen several Episcopalians join their church as that denomination slips farther and farther down the slippery slope of liberalism.

Notice also all of the family and community talk in teh video. The church is a family and not a business. President Kieschnick and his folks treat the church like a corporation with all of thier talk about leadership, transformation, change, structure and goverance proposals and so forth. Pastor Beecroft and his church have figured out that we are the family of God and not the cell group of God.

Thanks Pastor Beecroft for a great video and for being such an inspiration for us all.

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