Report #1 from the Northern Illinois District Convention: One of the Few Bright Spots, by Pr. Rossow

The Northern Illinois District Convention was as usual an overall disappointment for confessional Lutheranism but there were some bright spots. Over the next few days I will offer an editorial review of the convention in a series of articles. I will review President Kieschnick’s presentation, the Blue Ribbon presentation, some of the more crucial resolutions and other key moments in the convention. The convention was broadcast live on the internet and we have done our best to capture that feed and may be able to share portions of the video along with some of these posts. That is still a work in progress.

One of the highlights was the passage of the following resolution in support of Issues, Etc. which is near and dear to the hearts of the Brothers since Issues, Etc. is the  primary  (and currently only) recipient of our BJS fund drives.

We thank Pastor Mark Bestul (click here for an interesting post on Mark and father Dennis) for bringing this motion to the floor and quite honestly we were surprised and pleased that it passed by a large margin.

RESOLUTION 2-03 Support of Issues, Etc.

WHEREAS, Issues, Etc., hosted by Rev. Todd Wilken, formerly of KFUO radio, is now an internet-based program ( reaching a broad audience within and beyond The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, and

WHEREAS, Issues, Etc., proclaims the gospel and is committed to teaching the tenets of our Lutheran convictions through interviewing theologians, ethicists, seminary professors and pastors of the Church and

WHEREAS, Issues, Etc., has the potential to be an evangelism tool for the Church, and

WHEREAS, Issues, Etc. now relies solely on the prayers and funding support of individuals and congregations, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that congregations of the Northern Illinois District be encouraged to offer their prayers for — and, where possible, financial support to –Issues, Etc. and consider recommending it to members as an informative internet broadcast.

As mentioned above, this was one of the few bright spots in the convention.  More to come…  



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