This Must be the Season for Great Reader Comments – BJS Instrumental in a Reader Becoming Lutheran, by Pastor Rossow

I remember reading the original Issues, Etc. petition and being astonished at all of the folks who credited becoming Lutheran to Pastor Wilken and his radio show. We will never be in that league but yesterday we received another inspiring comment from a reader this time from someone in the Boston area attributing his conversion to Lutheransim to the Brothers of John the Steadfast. Here is what he said:

I have the same question about Boston. Any good confessional Lutheran churches in or around Boston? May sound corny but I think I may have actually become a Lutheran because of BJS.

One of our feature writers from a few weeks ago, Bethany Tanis, has steered him towards a confessional church in Boston.

In his follow-up he credits the entire LCMS confessional movement for his newfound love of the confessional Lutheran Gospel including Issues, Etc.

Thank you one and all for your responses and encouragement. New England (or at least Metrowest Boston) is generally Gospel-hostile and increasingly seeker-sensitive. We belong to a CRC church that has replaced the Gospel with Life Lessons. I had been following the White Horse Inn, heard Rod Rosenbladt speak about the Lutheran position on election, baptism, Lord’s Supper, etc. and was introduced to Issues, Etc. by way of an announcement on WHI over a year ago now that IE had mysteriously gone silent. Upon it’s return I began listening to every IE podcast. Reformed thinkers like Horton, Riddlebarger, and Sproul kept me engaged mentally. I’d listen to them and think, “that makes sense.” But, when IE covered a topic I’d think, “that’s true.” Now that’s perhaps an unreliable and decidedly non-technical assessment but to me there’s a difference and the difference is supported by both Scripture and Confession. Maybe I’ve trivialized something bigger than what I am equipped to express but BJS, the postings and articles, references to other like-minded blogs, the devotion by BJS to Lutheran essentials of worship and sacrament, and so on have all led me to re-asses what the Gospel means to me and to a fallen humanity. If I’m resting my hope for salvation from sin on something that makes sense or something that must be true, I’ll take Scripture and Creed pointing me to Christ and the Cross over reasoned explanations that satisfy my intellect. I’ve studied the Small Catechism, started reading the Book of Concord, subscribed to Logia, read Bondage of the Will (brilliantly written — how come I never knew about this?), scoured Romans and Galatians with a new perspective (a new perspective on the Cross, not on Paul) and am feeling at home. Now I need a church. Thanks for your encouragement.

(For the entire string of comments click here.)

As the reader says, thank you everyone. Keep up the good work everybody and God’s blessings to you as you remain steadfast in his word.

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