Invitation to View our New Home Page Summary Box Sent to All LCMS Rostered Workers

Over the course of the next 24 hours we will be sending an e-mail to every rostered worker in the LCMS inviting them to explore our top stories from the last nine months. (To view the e-mail click here.) We have cataloged those stories in the box on the top of our Home page. we invite you our regular readers to check it out as well.

We had intended to keep the previous box there until we heard from the Board of Directors on the Issues, Etc. trademark matter   but it looks like they are going to say nothing despite the fact that President Kieschnick had promised weeks ago that their comments were forthcoming. (See his memo from February 26 for this promise.)

One of the key goals of the Brothers of John the Steadfast is to support and promote the Lutheran Confessions. Since we have a synodical leadership that emphasizes growth over confession, accomplishing this goal  requires analysis and commentary on political moves within the synod. Politics is not a bad thing. It is an inevitable thing.

During times of theological stress in the church, politics becomes more prominent. Reading Luther it becomes clear that the political machinations of the Pope and his henchmen during the time of the Reformation gave rise to much good theology from the reformers. The doctrines of the two kingdoms, the priesthood of all believers, the doctrine of the call and many others were all honed by the sharp edge of papistic politics. The same is happening today. All around the synod we are seeing men and women waking up and seeing more clearly the Biblical teachings on the church, worship,  and the importance of doctrine, to name a few, and the need to know what is going on in this little corner of the church known as the LCMS. Just as in the Reformation, this is a day and age when we cannot ignore church politics. Political decisions in the church are born out of doctrine and understanding and as the posts on the five issues we have highlighted demonstrates, the prevailing understanding in the LCMS is faulty. It elevates tolerance, power, growth, and compromise with the culture over the solid, firm and steadfast confession of Biblical doctrine which is our Reformation heritage.

It is crucial that each member of the LCMS know what is going on in the church. Please take a few minutes today and forward the BJS link ( to your Lutheran friends and relatives so that they can have the opportunity to explore what is going on in their synod and join with the Brothers of John the Steadfast to work for a Lutheranism that supports and promotes the Lutheran Confessions.

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