Defending President Obama’s Visit to Notre Dame and Concordia Professors Signing the Ayers’ Petition ““ Sadly Similar Arguments, by Pr. Rossow

On one of the talking heads news programs this morning there was a debate between a liberal and conservative over the issue of President Obama, who is openly pro-abortion, appearing at Notre Dame University, a fairly liberal institution but none the less a university of the Roman Catholic Church, which is clearly pro-life.

The liberal’s arguments in favor of Obama appearing at Notre Dame included the fact that many non-Catholics attend the university and the need to defend academic freedom. Sadly these are the same arguments that are being used to support the signing of the William Ayers petition at Concordia Chicago by seven of the professors. William Ayers is an unrepentant terror-bomber and teacher of a humanistic, godless philosophy of education while the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod denounces anarchist-terrorist activities and professes a Christian philosophy of education.

Our Concordias have been expanding in the last decade with graduate programs that are not Lutheran and in many cases are not taught by Lutherans. One of our former principals completed his masters of education at Concordia Chicago nearly ten years ago and only had one Lutheran instructor (not LCMS) for the entire program. This secularization of the Concordias is being done simply for money. It is unacceptable and eerily similar to the argument being made to have a baby-killing president speak at a life-supporting Roman Catholic University. When we spoke to the president of Concordia Chicago (John Johnson) he defended his faculty on the basis of academic freedom. Again this is eerily similar to how the political liberals are defending Obama’s visit to Notre Dame.

The Brothers of John the Steadfast and all of our readers need to stand up against this secularization of the LCMS that is going on under the not so careful watch of President Kieschnick. He has stated that this is not your grandfather’s church and he does not want his grandfather’s church. He is doing a good job of achieving that goal but at the expense of our Scriptural and conservative heritage.

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