Baptists all in favor of Ablaze! (by Mollie)

One of the people I follow on Twitter is Ed Stetzer. Stetzer is part of the LifeWay Research Team, a Baptist research effort that studies church trends. I’m not enamored with the statistical methodology used but reporters like to have data for their stories. And Stetzer is a great guy to follow. A Southern Baptist, he is a leader of the emergent missional movement.

Anyway, here are the last three “tweets” I read from Stetzer:

# Heading to the airport wwwaaayyy to early. I’m hoping that the St Louis weather does not delay my time with the Lutheran bishops & leaders.
# Flight on time. Next stop is St Louis to talk about all things missional with the synodical leadership of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Sy.
# Landed in St Louis. Finished an article on the plane & just submitted it to the Assembles of God Enrichment Journal on church revitalization

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Synod, Inc. were instead informed by Lutheran theology when discussing Ablaze!? This is clearly not something important to Synodical leadership and I in no way blame Stetzer for any of this but it speaks to Synod, Inc.’s priorities.

Stetzer further informs:

On Monday, I will be in St. Louis with the Synodical Leadership of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. It will be good to connect with Mike Ruhl and the folks from the Center for U.S. Missions who had me speak at Concordia University last year. The LCMS plan is ABLAZE and it is an aggressive plan to “share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with 100 million unconverted people, 50 million of them in the U.S. by the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.”

Not just aggressive but poorly conceived too!

Anyway, I just found all this interesting.

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