Sale of KFUO FM reported authorized by the Board of Directors

This letter which was originally addressed to 250 pastors came to our attention from one of our steering committee members; BJS felt we should publish it immediately. The original letter can be viewed here.

Pastor Wilken commented on this post soon after it was up.  He has a very important clarification and opinion on it. Here is his comment:

You should make it clear that the Board has authorized the sale of ONLY KFUO FM, Classic 99, the secular, pop-classical music station.

The board is NOT considering the sale of KFUO AM.

For all my differences with the LCMS BOD, they are right on this one. Classic 99 needs to be sold. Classic 99 does not broadcast the Gospel.

Many of my thoughts on this can be heard HERE.

Those who have long opposed the sale of Classic 99 have intentionally confused the AM and FM stations, simply referring to “KFUO.” The posted letter does this as well.


We would add one more comment. If you go to the  the story on the February BOD meeting on the LCMS Inc. site you will see that the synod is $4.9 million dollars behind in revenue for the fiscal year. It is no wonder that the synod needs to sell off assets.

Here is the letter that was received.

Robert H. Duesenberg
9026 Whitehaven Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63123

2 March 2009

Dear Pastor(s),

The LCMS Board of Directors has authorized the sale of Radio Station KFUO; a shocking development. Back in November, when I first learned this matter was being considered, I wrote:

KFUO is a remarkable asset to this major community, and even to the world as it can be heard on the internet around the globe… Here we are, heirs of the Reformation and centuries of a great culture and we are moving to close off the greatest avenue for communicating these blessings ever available.

Since at least the middle ages, the church at large has been at the center of culture, and longer than not, the sole creator and keeper of what is good, great, and has survived. That’s a great role to play… Our Synod is a small part of the church at large, but with a voice, a medium, with a potential that has hardly been tapped. Keep KFUO! Be creative with it…

These words received no consideration; the drive toward sale has proceeded, by intent, under cloak of secrecy. While my words express just one person’s view, the opinion of many who have spoken to me is one of stunning disbelief, for many reasons, that a sale of KFUO has even been considered and is now authorized.

KFUO began in an attic of the old Concordia Seminary in South St. Louis. Now on the campus of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis County, the funding for KFUO in both cases came primarily from the Lutheran Laymen’s League, the old Walther League and others, not the Synod. KFUO is self-supporting and not an expense, but a contributor, through fees, to the LCMS at large. Countless individuals and others, including and beyond our church membership, have supported KFUO. Imagine the sense of betrayal a sale will ignite in the minds and hearts of these benefactors.

Before a sale happens, under wrap of confidentiality, without transparency of action and without appraisal of the interests of members directly to be affected, concerned listeners should make their voices heard. Please announce in church, post this, or publish this information in your bulletin suggesting that interested listeners send their views, NOW, to LCMS Board of Directors, c/o Dr. Gerald Kieschnick, Synod President, 1333 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO 63122

Robert H. Duesenberg

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