See the “Join Now” Button in the Upper Right Hand Corner? We Hope You Click It

One of the reasons we have been able to become a real “go to place” for Lutheran News is because of our members. We invite you to join the Brothers of John the Steadfast in order to help us promote new Lutheran media (e.g. Issues, Etc.), help people learn and appreciate the Lutheran Confessions, support the historic liturgy and encourage men to be better leaders at home and in the church.

The $25 annual dues gets you a subscription to a first class quarterly journal and a new member packet filled with goodies, including a 5 x 7″ matted picture of the big guy himself, John the Steadfast.  Most importantly the annual dues provides for the on-going support of the organization. There is more information about the group on the “Organization Page” of this website.

The organization is primarily a layman’s group but it is open to clergy and to women. About 10% of our members are clergy and about 5% are women. (When time permits we will be starting a parallel women’s group.) We are primarily an LCMS group but are open to anyone who wants to support new Lutheran confessional media.

 We already have over 200 members and 11 chapters around the country and in Canada. See that “Join Now” button on the upper right hand corner? We hope you will click it and join this growing group.

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