Latest ELCA Revisionist Opinion on Sexuality Rejected by Matt Harrison, by Pr. Rossow

It has been called to our attention that Matt Harrison, who some have touted for the presidency of the LCMS in 2010, has written a strong statement against  an unbiblical position  on sexuality released by the ELCA today. The ELCA study committee is recommending to their convention this summer that they allow practicing homosexual clergy in their  synod. You can read Rev. Harrison’s  statement here  along with a link to the ELCA paper.

Rev. Harrison has had to walk gingerly in the past few years working with  liberal Lutheran denominations  on human care projects but as he states in the press release, this is becoming more and more difficult. We here at the Brothers of John the Steadfast encourage Rev. Harrison to continue being skeptical of the propriety of the LCMS being involved in such ventures. We need to be a beacon of the revealed truth of God and not cave into the post-modern relativism that now characterizes so many false denominations.

It is refreshing to  read someone touted for the LCMS presidency being facile with terms like “revisionist.” (“Revisionism” refers to an approach to historical writings, including the Bible, that remakes them, i.e. revises them,  so that they fit more modern and “enlightened” views. For example, the Bible’s clear statements against homosexuality are rejected as mere ancient sexism.)

I do not mean this next statement to be mean-spirited but just my straight-forward understanding of things. In all the years I have followed President Kieschnick,  in the few personal encounters I have had with him, and having heard numerous public presentations by him, I have never been impressed that profound theology, a hallmark of Lutheranism, is second nature to him. He is more comfortable with a vocabulary that comes out of the pop culture oriented church growth movement (“leadership,” “critical moment,” “strategic coordination,” “vision,” etc.). The ability to take a firm stand against the deteriorating ecumenical scene and do so with theological acumen and facility seems like a great trait for synodical president and the more I hear of Rev. Harrison, the more I am impressed that he has this ability.

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