A Little Liturgical Victory, by Pastor Rossow

Sometimes it’s the little things that can mean so much.

We had a little girl in kindergarten become ill this morning. Her mother had to come to pick her up. She told the teacher that she was sorry that she would miss getting ashes put on her head at our Early Childhood Chapel later in the day. The teacher talked to Pastor Schumacher and he arranged to have her “ashed” before she went home to recuperate.

For the last several years we have had a simplified but still liturgical weekly chapel service for the early childhood children in our school. They learn to make the sign of the cross, some of the simpler versicles and responses and other parts of the liturgy. Apparently it is paying off. I am also pleased when we do Matins or Morning Prayer on an occasional Sunday to hear the children of the day school leading the congregation in the liturgy. The day school children sing it more than their parents because they have it every Wednesday in chapel. Also of note is that they sing the liturgy better than they used to sing the “praise songs” that were used in our chapel several years ago. (Thank you Principal Pam Mueller for helping us promote the liturgy in the day school.)

Ah, the little things can be so sweet.

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