WWJD? How about WWJBD? (Mollie) — 6 Comments

  1. Excerpts from Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins, by Benjamin Pratt, used in the “Bond Bible study” are here.

    But why not the American version, JB = Jack Bauer?!?

  2. Carl,

    Now that is funny. How can you not like and idolize Jack Bauer? He is very messianic like- they do make it known on the show that he probably has committed a few sins in his life though.

  3. “The author discusses spiritual themes in some of Fleming’s works…”

    Bletch. Spiritual themes. It strikes me that one of the signs of the weakening of man as time goes on is the abuse of language. Last night at my daughter’s school I heard the phrases “personal self-advocacy” and “leadership and followership.” Now “spiritual themes” discussed in a church.


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