William Ayers Denied Access to Canada But Concordia Profs Allowed to Support Him, by Pastor Rossow

It was reported today that William Ayers was denied access to Canada Sunday night due to his criminal record and yet Dr. Johnson has allowed several of his professors to keep their names on a petition which supports Ayers personally and supports his anti-authoritarian education philosophy.

We reported this story last fall and were in contact with President Johnson of Concordia River Forest. He simply said that it was not a problem and would not ask his professors to remove their names from the petition. Even the liberal nation of Canada can see the problems with Ayers’ resume. Why can’t the president of one of our Concordia’s see the problem?

This story is not over. We are still in the process of following up on it and are holding President Johnson and his ecclesiastical supervisor, LCMS President Kieschnick accountable for embarrassing our supposedly conservative synod with this silliness.

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