Some Website Statistics from 2008

We are happy to announce that our website visits have increased each of the last three months. (Because  we  changed stat counters a couple of times since we went live last June, it is difficult to give consistent statistics for all six months of our history.) We average around 900 unique visitors per day. We have had a total of 15,500 unique visitors since October 1. (That number is a little inflated since anyone who has disabled “cookies” on their computer will get counted as a new visitor each time they come on to the site.)

Our largest volume days have been during the announcment of the synodical restructuring and the days we chronicled the gay/lesbian issue in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are the  unique visits per day (totaled for the month)

  • September – 24,951
  • October – 26,030
  • November – 27,186
  • December – 28,744

We hope you will help us grow the number of visitors by sharing this website with your Lutheran friends, relatives and fellow church members. It is crucial for them, whether they are conservative, liberal or somewhere in between, to know what is going in their synod and to grow in their understanding of the Lutheran Confessions.

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